50 Best Inventions of 2008

50 Best Inventions of 2008

From the simple devices and contraptions of the early years to the mind-boggling technology and gadgets of today, all of these have become a part of man’s history and have all made an impact in our lives.

Inventions according to Wikipedia are:

..the discovery or creation of a new configuration, composition of matter, device, or process. Some inventions are based on pre-existing models or ideas. Other inventions are radical breakthroughs which may extend the boundaries of human knowledge or experience.

Every year, Time Magazine gathers inventions and innovations all over the world and compiles it into a list of the best 50 inventions. Below is a video preview of the best inventions for this year.

Here’s the complete list of the 50 Best Inventions of 2008 in descending order.

50. A Camera For the Blind
49. Sound-Enhanced Food
48. The Time Eater Clock
47. Google’s Floating Data Center
46. Aptera Electric Car
45. The Short Refinance
44. Sunscreen for Plants
43. High-Tech Running Shoes
42. Disemvoweling
41. The Peraves MonoTracer
40. The Seven New Deadly Sins
39. Enhanced Fingerprints
38. The Baseball Instant Replay
37. Smog-Eating Cement
36. The New Ping-Pong Serve
35. Airborne Wind Power
34. Made-in-Transit Packaging
33. Biomechanical Energy Harvester
32. Facebook for Spies
31. Einstein’s Fridge
30. The Internet Of Things
29. The 46th Mersenne Prime
28. The Invisibility Cloak
27. Bubble Photography
26. The Speedo LZR Racer
25. Thin-Film Solar Panels
24. Bionic Contacts
23. The Branded Candidate
22. The Shadowless Skyscraper
21. The Synthetic Organism
20. The Everything Game
19. Montreal’s Public Bike System
18. The New Mars Rover
17. The Mobile, Dexterous, Social Robot
16. The Dynamic Tower
15. The Direct-to-Web Supervillain Musical
14. The Bionic Hand
13. The Memristor
12. Housing Funds
11. Green Crude
10. The World’s Fastest Computer
9. The Orbital Internet
8. Bullets That Shoot Bullets
7. The Chevy Volt
6. The Global Seed Vault
5. The Large Hadron Collider
4. Hulu.com
3. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
2. The Tesla Roadster

And finally, the number one invention of 2008:

1. The Retail DNA Test

My top 3 or favorite inventions would have to be the Tesla Roadster, the Bionic Hand and the Invisibility Cloak. If you were to choose from this list, which one would be your most favorite invention?

To read the complete story, check out Time Magazine’s 50 Best Inventions of 2008. This article contains photos and short descriptions of each invention.

*inventions in the photo are the retail DNA test, world’s fastest computer, hulu.com, tesla roadster and the speedo lzr racer.

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  1. good day. my name is james elmar lauron, a student having the course of BS in Nursing, studying in Cebu City Philippines. i have read about your number 1 in the list of latest techs as of 2008. i would like to know more about it. i want to know more about The Retail DNA Test. the informations i can get out from you can greatly help and add up to my knowledge. please do response to my email add provided. thank you very much!

  2. helow poh..ask ko lng po the advantages of my top 1 best invention “The Retail DNA Test” sa people and our country as well as how it goes and if there are disadvantages of it.. tenks a lot..hope you could share it with me..!

  3. @Marlon – Thanks man! Yup, the retail DNA test kit is one awesome invention. Its kinda like when the pregnancy test kit was invented. I love the Tesla Roadster, I wish I’d get to ride one of those in the near future. :)

    Thanks for dropping by and have a great weekend!

  4. Cool list JP!

    my personal top 3 list:

    The Retail DNA Test – it would be interesting to know all that info about yourself and to think it came from your spit! lolz!
    The Tesla Roadster
    The Peraves MonoTracer

  5. @GLICH – The camera for the blind works like this:

    The photographer holds the camera up to his or her forehead, and a Braille-like screen on the back makes a raised image of whatever the lens sees.

    Thanks for dropping by! :)

  6. @jhay – You’re right, Metro Manila could definitely use smog-eating cement. But we are all aware of the rampant corruption in the government. If the government decide to get this smog-eating cement, the question is if the cement will be used appropriately. I’m sure some people from DPWH would try to get their hands on this and try to sell it instead of using it. :D

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