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Corning, a company that specializes in glass and ceramics created a video called “A Day of Glass“, which takes us to a vision of the future where high tech specialty glass is integrated into everyday technology – lcd tv, phones, stove tops, mirrors, tables, car displays and other interactive surfaces.

This particular video is making the rounds on Facebook so I decided to share it here for those of you who aren’t on the social network and for those who simply missed it.

“A Day Made of Glass”

Some of the technologies featured on the video like the tabletop interactive surface are already available such as the Microsoft Surface and I’m sure most of the technologies already have some sort of prototype that are being tested in research labs at the moment. Like myself, I’m sure most of you can’t wait for technologies such as these to become a reality and become a part of everyday life.

How do you like the “A Day Made of Glass” video? Which particular future tech or technologies do you like the most? Please share your thoughts.

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