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Who buys a big and beautiful mansion filled with all the good things but void of any door, window, or gate to protect it? That scenario seems so absurd to even think about. Building a

2015 wordpress security survey

2015 WordPress Security Survey Results

Wordfence conducted their first annual WordPress Security survey last month as part of their WordPress Security Learning Center project that aims to help the WordPress community learn more about security. To conduct the survey we

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WordPress Plugins

ALERT: Wordfence Security XSS Vulnerability Discovered

If you’re using the Wordfence Security plugin on your WordPress blog or website, be advised that an update was just released an hour ago to address a recently discovered XSS vulnerability. I’ve checked the official

WordPress WordPress Plugins

Wordfence Security Plugin Review

Coming across the Wordfence Security plugin is probably one of the best things that have happened to my blog. Being offline for almost a year, I was no longer updated to the latest stuff like

theme reboot 2013

JaypeeOnline Theme Reboot 2013

If you’ve visited JaypeeOnline the past couple of weeks, then you already know or have seen that it’s sporting a new theme & layout. If you’ve only been reading the RSS feeds or Email subscription