adobe error 2739
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Adobe CS3 Internal Error 2739 Fix (Windows 7 64-Bit)

One of the most popular and most visited posts here on JaypeeOnline is my article on how to fix the Adobe CS3 Internal Error 2739. That article provides a step-by-step solution on how to fix

wd mybook studio edition ii

Western Digital 6TB Dual-drive Storage

Was browsing for some external hard drives online the other day when I came across the latest product from Western Digital, the My Book Studio Edition II. This external hard drive is ideal for those

recovery cd
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HowTo: Create and Use a Windows Recovery Disk

This is a guest post by Keith McDonald. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here. In the olden days, you nearly always got a separate copy of the

vista service pack 1

Updated to Vista Service Pack 1

Even though Windows Vista Service Pack 1 was finally released and made available for download 2 months ago, I didn’t immediately update my Windows Vista installation. Why? Because I wasn’t excited and neither was I

Adobe CS3
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Adobe CS3 Internal Error 2739 Fix

Recently, I tried installing Adobe Photoshop CS3 on my laptop but when I started the installation process I got this error message: I rebooted my machine and tried to install again but I still got

weekend roundup
Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup #20

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I know this is kinda late but better late than never right? Plus, I don’t wanna disappoint the people who are waiting for this weekly feature, right? I started

ie7 pro
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IE7 Pro: Ultimate Add-On for Internet Explorer

Even though Firefox is slowly but surely gaining market share and popularity, the majority of Internet users still prefer or use the Internet Explorer. I have been a Firefox user and avid fan for many

compaq presario c700

Compaq Presario C714NR

Two months ago, my old laptop a Compaq Presario 2200 started acting up. There were times when it won’t turn on and sometimes it won’t restart. Aside from that, it only had a 40 GB

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RemotePC – Remote Access

Have you experienced being away on a trip and suddenly realizing that you forgot or need some important files from your home or office computer? Or are you a small business that provide computer support