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Quick & Simple Guide How To Migrate WordPress Blog To A New Host

Being witty and offering interesting content isn’t enough today to succeed with your blog. It’s no surprise as there are 600 million blogs online today and over 1.7 billion websites. In order to attract traffic


Switching Web Hosts – Expected Downtime

UPDATE: Everything has been fully migrated into the new hosting provider including the DNS information. Just waiting for the new DNS nameservers to fully and completely propagate. I’m currently in the process of switching web

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Switching Web Hosts. Expected Downtime.

UPDATE: JaypeeOnline is back in business! The nameservers have already been resolved and everything seems to be working fine. Will be working on new posts and comment replies tomorrow because it’s already late and I

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DreamHost Security Breach

Several days ago, I got 500 Internal Server errors while trying to access my blog and WordPress admin panel so I immediately I sent a ticket to Dreamhost’s support staff. Right after that, I accessed