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Twitter + Google Maps =

Geolocation is one of the hottest if not the hottest trend in social media these days and a very hot topic during the recent 2010

promoted tweets
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Promoted Tweets: The 140-Second Tour

Last week, Twitter finally launched Promoted Tweets – their long-awaited and anticipated ad platform. Since its launch, many users were still unaware about the new

library of congress
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Library of Congress Acquires Entire Twitter Archive

Even if you’re not a celebrity or someone who has a lot of followers on Twitter, as long as you have a Twitter account and

twitter homepage
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Twitter Homepage Makeover

Mid last year, Twitter unveiled a new homepage changing the “original” homepage design. These changes were part of an effort to make search and trending

state of the internet

The State of The Internet

Ever wonder how many people are using the Internet? Or how many emails are sent across the Internet each day/year? How many websites and/or blogs

google minimalist homepage

HowTo: Create Your Own Minimalist Google Homepage

Have you seen, heard or tried out Google’s minimalist homepage? Word about Google’s minimalist homepage prototype first came out around October last year. Screenshots were

blaugh trackback

Things Your Spouse Won’t Understand About Blogging

Are you a full time blogger who’s having a hard time explaining to your spouse what your occupation – blogging is about and how it


HowTo: Use Evernote on Symbian Devices

When I got my Nokia E52 a couple weeks ago, the first few things I did with it was to configure the settings and customize

wordpress world map

WordPress Warriors Worldwide

Wouldn’t it be cool to find out how many WordPress fans, users, bloggers, developers or core developers come from your area or country? With WordPress


Feedly: Magazine Style Homepage

Although I do a lot of reading online, I don’t really use Google Reader or any other RSS aggregator that much. I prefer to visit

yahoo meme
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Yahoo! Meme

Early this year, Yahoo! launched a new product/service in Portueguese called Meme which according to rumors was a clone of Twitter. But according to the

wibiya toolbar

Wibiya Toolbar

Last week, I installed a toolbar here on JaypeeOnline, its the toolbar located at the bottom of each page. Some of you might have noticed


Internet University Cast

deviantART is one of my all-time favorite sites and has always been a part of my daily web surfing routine. For those who are not

falkner press theme
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WP Theme Review: Falkner Press

With the increasing demand and popularity of premium WordPress themes, some users forget about the free ones especially the ones I call “freemium” themes –

yahoo! know your mojo
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Yahoo! Know Your Mojo!

What is a mojo? In the movie Austin Powers, the secret agent/spy lost his “powers” when he lost his “mojo”. Urban Dictionary defines mojo as

sponsored tweets
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IZEA Launches Sponsored Tweets

I’m sure most of you who are on Twitter are already familiar with Twittad and Magpie, Twitter advertising networks/services that provide Twitter users a way

twitter logo
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Twitter Unveils New Homepage

Earlier today, Twitter unveiled their new or redesigned homepage showing a cleaner interface and overall, a more aesthetically pleasing design. For Twitter users who haven’t