Tech Manufacturing
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From Design to Stores: The Cost of Tech Manufacturing

Companies, big and small, constantly look for more efficient protocols, procedures, and partnerships. For tech companies, whoever they work with and outsource manufacturing to is of the utmost importance. Companies are always on the lookout


Great New Technology For Grandparents

The comes a time when we want to introduce our grandparents to the new technology that is evolving in our world, but it can often frighten them. Think about the Alexa commercial where the children

Disruptive Apps

11 Disruptive Apps That Changed The Way We Live [Infographic]

Creating An App – Is It Really That Hard? We’ve reached a point where developing an average app is no longer that challenging. Solid app developers can be found left and right, hundreds of frameworks

Student Safety

Best Nifty Gadgets and Tech for Student Safety

Freshmen in college often find that life differs greatly from high school. For some, it’s the first time in their life they are independent, and yet have more pressure than ever before. College campus is

Robotics Industrial Automation
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Robotics: Human-Robot Collaboration in Industrial Automation

Robotics has been part of industry and society since the early 1940s when Robert Asimov a fictional writer wrote his book titled the Three Laws of Robotics. With this book’s publishing, the era of robots

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6 Technologies To Become A Real-Life Cyborg

Thanks to Hollywood creations like Iron Man and RoboCop, the fantasy of living as a real-life cyborg has become increasingly attainable to those with the financial means. A cyborg, for the uninitiated, is a person

Lose Weight
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Can Technology Help You Lose Weight?

 People have many reasons for gaining weight. Stress, an inactive lifestyle, work demands, poor diet, and many other factors contribute to obesity and weight gain, afflicting up to two-thirds of the population. While diet

Smart Home
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How to Choose Smart Home Technology Products

If you have been considering using smart home technology products in your own home, then you may be wondering how you can choose which of those products you need. Naturally, you are going to be

Programming Languages

How eLearning Of Programming Languages Is Shaping The Career Of Millions

If defined in the perfect way, E-Learning is ‘The use of any electronic technology to aid in the acquisition and development of knowledge.’ E-Learning has opened the gates to knowledge to students all around the

Technology Education

How Technology Influences Education: Learning by Doing

 The teaching paradigm has changed a great deal in the past few decades. In the past, teachers simply relied on passive learning where students read and memorized information they were later tested on. Such