A New Breed of Comment Spam

Commenting or comments is one of the essential parts of a blog. Weblog owners provide and allow users and visitors to leave comments so they can easily share their thoughts and opinions which encourages participation

Blogging Freeware

ReCAPTCHA: Stop Spam. Read Books.

Do you guys know what a captcha is? Most bloggers would easily know the answer to this but for the ordinary person, it might sound like a million dollar question for a quiz show. You’ve

Trackback Problems

Trackback Problems

I’m having problems with trackbacks. I just realized that I could send trackbacks but not receive them. Trackbacks won’t even run within my blog. Some of my recent posts include trackbacks to previous posts but

blog updates

Blog Updates 12.06

The most recent update that I made to this blog is changing my antispam plugin. I used to have Peter’s Custom Anti-Spam Image plugin. Yesterday, I shifted to the Matriphe Keycode plugin which I found