Mozilla F1 Addon
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Mozilla Labs F1 Social Addon

Social bookmarking buttons make life easy for users to share content (videos, photos, links, etc.) to popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. However,

yahoo messenger beta 11
Freeware Social Media Social Networks

Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta w/ Facebook Chat Support

Good news for avid Yahoo! Messenger and Facebook users! Yahoo has recently released Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta to the public which, aside from the usual

wibiya new dashboard

New Wibiya Dashboard

Wibiya has recently launched a new dashboard design and layout for all Wibiya Toolbar users. The new design and layout enables users to easily see

friendster logo
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Friendster Launching Games & Music Portal in Asia

I joined Friendster back in June of 2003 and at that time, it wasn’t popular yet in the Philippines. I didn’t know anyone there except

wibiya toolbar
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Wibiya Social Connect Application

Last time, I shared with you Wibiya Toolbar’s new app called Express Affiliate Links Application which automatically converts all of your blog links into affiliate

elegantthemes icon set
Freeware Social Media Social Networks

Free Social Media Icon Set from Elegant Themes

If you loved the 60+ beautiful free icons from MediaLoot’s Prime Icon Set that I shared last week, I’m sure you’re gonna like this too

twitter homepage
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Twitter Homepage Makeover

Mid last year, Twitter unveiled a new homepage changing the “original” homepage design. These changes were part of an effort to make search and trending

Social Media Social Networks

Cubicl: Social Network for Groups

If you think that there’s already too much or too many social networks in existence, think again. There’s another social network in town, which was

blaugh trackback

Things Your Spouse Won’t Understand About Blogging

Are you a full time blogger who’s having a hard time explaining to your spouse what your occupation – blogging is about and how it

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SocialSafe – Facebook Backup Tool

For most of us, Facebook has evolved from an ordinary social networking site into something that’s meshed into our lifestyle, a part of our daily

yahoo meme
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Yahoo! Meme

Early this year, Yahoo! launched a new product/service in Portueguese called Meme which according to rumors was a clone of Twitter. But according to the

twitter logo
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Twitter Unveils New Homepage

Earlier today, Twitter unveiled their new or redesigned homepage showing a cleaner interface and overall, a more aesthetically pleasing design. For Twitter users who haven’t

Freeware Social Networks

Skimmer: Lifestream Desktop App

While browsing the web and looking for cool stuff and apps, I came across this lifestreaming desktop app called Skimmer. Skimmer℠ is an Adobe® AIR™

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WeFollow – User Powered Twitter Directory

Fount out yesterday that Digg founder, Kevin Rose has created the first user powered Twitter directory called WeFollow. What WeFollow does is that it tracks

wordpress logo
Blogging WordPress

“HowTo: Secure WordPress”

BlogSecurity, the only organization that deals with social networking and web blog security has recently released a WordPress security whitepaper entitled “How to Secure WordPress“.

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Facebook Adds Twitter-like Options

Are you guys familiar with Facebook? It’s one of the most popular social networks here in the US and has the most number of members