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ThemeFuse – Original WordPress Themes & CMS WordPress Templates

There’s a new kid on the premium WordPress themes block, and it’s name is ThemeFuse. I first came across this new premium WordPress theme provider about two months ago, when one of the co-founders sent

thestyle glider themes
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Latest Elegant Themes: Glider & TheStyle

Just realized while I was browsing through my blog archives that I haven’t published any WordPress theme related posts in a while. Decided feature the latest WordPress themes from Elegant Themes, one of the most

elegant themes
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Elegant Themes Now Offer Developer’s Licenses

Elegant Themes is one of the best places to find excellent quality premium WordPress themes and good customer support. To avail of their themes, users have to pay an annual membership/subscription fee of $39. Members

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WooThemes World Cup Promo

If you’ve been eyeing one of WooTheme’s premium WordPress themes but been putting the purchase on hold because you’re having second thoughts on spending or can’t afford the standard WordPress package worth $70, now is

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PersonalPress and TheSource Themes from Elegant Themes

Last month, I shared with you two of the latest themes from StudioPress. This time around, I’ll be sharing with you two of the latest themes from Elegant Themes. Whether you’re a fan of Nick

theme garden
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Theme Garden Premium WordPress Theme Club

Premium WordPress theme sites have been popping up like mushrooms in recent months. Most of these sites are the fly-by-night types that offer one or two themes and then stop or disappear into oblivion, some

outreach 1.0 child theme
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Latest StudioPress Themes

It’s been a while since I last featured or reviewed a StudioPress WordPress theme here on JaypeeOnline. While browsing through the StudioPress blog the other day, I found out that they’ve released a couple of

elegant themes
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Latest Themes from Elegant Themes

One of the best places to look for beautiful and affordable premium WordPress themes is Elegant Themes. Unlike most sites who sell premium themes individually, Elegant Themes offers an annual theme club membership. For only

WooThemes 50
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WooThemes 4-for-1 Special Offer

Yesterday was a special day for WooThemes, one of the most popular sites for premium WordPress themes as they released their 50th theme. In celebration of this special event, WooThemes is doubling their regular 2-for-1

bloggingstream theme
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WP Theme Review: Bloggingstream

WooThemes, has been very busy this year creating and releasing several premium WordPress themes one after the other. Their latest premium WordPress theme called Bloggingstream, was released a couple days ago. Bloggingstream caters to both