where you will get hacked

Where You’ll Get Hacked [Infographic]

Have you or someone you know ever experienced having their bank account, email account or social network account get hacked? I do. Not me, but several people I know have had their accounts breached and

sucuri scan tool

FREE Online Website Malware & Blacklist Scanning Tool

If your blog or website is infected with malware and/or blacklisted, you will lose a lot of traffic (and probably earnings) because it will not show up on search results and regular visitors will not

Mac Defender
Tips & Tricks Software

HowTo: Avoid/Remove Mac Defender Malware

A few days ago, Apple finally acknowledged the existence of the Mac Defender malware which has already victimized a lot of Mac users. Apple has also announced that they will soon be issuing a software

wordpress malware
WordPress WordPress Themes

Beware of WordPress Theme Malware

One of the things that make WordPress great and popular is the huge number of available free themes and plugins. Unfortunately, the popularity of free WordPress themes have been used by scammers, spammers and malicious

malwarebytes anti-malware

HowTo: Manually Update Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

One software that I always install on my personal computer or recommend to family and friends is Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware – a free malware removal tool. It’s also one of the programs I use to fix/clean

Social Media Social Networks

Facebook Password Reset Scam

If you receive a password reset email from Facebook on your inbox, be careful! Facebook users are being warned of a malicious email password reset scam that is making its rounds and quickly spreading across

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Warning to Joomla and WordPress Theme Users

Found this article from Derek Punsalan’s blog 5ThirtyOne. Templates Browser dot com is collecting WordPress & Joomla public themes and modifying them by inserting hidden spam or malware links that can compromise the end user