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Gowalla 3.0 Integrates Foursquare & Facebook Check-ins

In a surprising move, location-based networking service Gowalla launched an update that integrates check-ins for rival Foursquare. Gowalla 3.0 for iPhone which was released earlier today, now lets users link their Foursquare and Facebook accounts

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HowTo: Disable Photo Geotagging on iPhone

UPDATE: I’ve updated this post to include steps on how to disable the geotagging feature on iPhones running iOS 5.x, iOS 6.x, iOS 7.x and iOS 8.x. Came across an article in the NY Times

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Twitter + Google Maps = Streamd.in

Geolocation is one of the hottest if not the hottest trend in social media these days and a very hot topic during the recent 2010 SXSW festival. I’m pretty sure most of you are already