install computer fonts

HowTo: Install Computer Fonts

Recently, I had someone ask me how to install new fonts on a Mac because he needed it for a PowerPoint presentation. After I was


New Google Chromebooks – HP Chromebook 11, HP Chromebook 14 and Acer C720

Google first introduced the Chromebook during the Google I/O conference in May 2011. For those who aren’t familiar with Chromebooks, these are personal computers that

linux 20th birthday

Belated Happy 20th Birthday, Linux!

Do you use Linux or other Linux-based operating systems and distributions like Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Red Hat, Gentoo, openSUSE, etc.? I’ve been using Ubuntu the

tweet nest
Freeware Social Media Social Networks

Tweet Nest – Browsable, Searchable & Customizable Twitter Archive

I’m not sure if you still remember Like it? Tweet it!, but it’s a widget I blogged about a few months back that lets blog

india tablet pc
Gadgets Technology

India Unveils $35 Tablet PC

India recently unveiled a prototype of a $35 touchscreen tablet computer which they plan to mass produce next year. The total cost? $35. The tablet

Featured Freeware

Free Antivirus Software

With the largely growing number and rampant spread of trojans, malware, spyware and other computer viruses, it’s very important to always have an updated antivirus

weekend roundup
Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup #26

How are you guys doing? Did you do any shopping during Black Friday? I’ve had a great weekend so far and it’s not even over


HowTo: Update Gaim To Pidgin in Ubuntu

Whenever you want to update a certain program in Ubuntu, most of the time you do it via the Synaptic Package Manager. Unfortunately this is

no place like home
Humor Internet

The Funniest Geek Quotes

Got an email in my inbox a few days ago about an article entitled “The Funniest Geek Quotes”. Some of these quotes have been around

ubuntu studio
Freeware Ubuntu

Ubuntu Studio

Ubuntu Studio is a new version of the Ubuntu GNU/Linux distribution, released last May 10, 2007. It is based on Ubuntu Linux, and is optimized


Joining the Linux Bandwagon

Previously, I was running Windows XP Home Edition on my Compaq Presario notebook. I had to limit the number of applications running because if not,

Freeware Software

Free Video Editing Software for Linux

I’ve already featured free video editing software for Windows and Mac. I can’t leave out Linux, so here’s a list of free non-linear video editing

Humor Software

If Operating Systems Ran The Airlines…

Found this funny article while surfing the web. It tells about what happens if the different commercial airlines were run by different operating systems. Some