React with Bootstrap
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How To Use React With Bootstrap

In the world of frontend development, React and Bootstrap is among the top choices. They are essential for establishing a strong and professional website that have fast and scalable web apps and reusable UI components.

Codelobster IDE

CodeLobster IDE – PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript Editor Professional Giveaway

In this article, we suggest you get acquainted with the free editor of web languages – CodeLobster IDE. It is presented in the software market for a long time already, and it wins a lot

what code should you learn

Which Programming Language Should You Learn?

Back in the day when computers were still huge and very expensive, only big organizations and companies had computers. Even when the personal computer was introduced, only a few people were able to own a

Evolution Programming Languages
Software Technology

Evolution of Computer Languages [Infographic]

In college, although my major was in Information Systems not Computer Science, my program required me to take a few computer programming classes where I learned the basics of Visual C++, Java, Javascript and PHP.

thestyle glider themes
WordPress Themes

Latest Elegant Themes: Glider & TheStyle

Just realized while I was browsing through my blog archives that I haven’t published any WordPress theme related posts in a while. Decided feature the latest WordPress themes from Elegant Themes, one of the most

google syntax highlighter
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WP Plugin Review: Google Syntax Highlighter

UPDATE: I’m no longer using this plugin, the Google Syntax Highlighter because as of this time it is not compatible with WordPress 2.8+. I’ll be posting about the new syntax highlighter WordPress plugin that I’m

ext js wordpress theme
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WP Theme Review: Ext JS WordPress Theme

The ExtJS WordPress theme was created by W.Regenczuk as an experiment or “proof of concept” to show the capabilities of the ExtJS library. With that said, this makes the ExtJS unique and the first of

dezinerfolio 2.0 theme
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WP Theme Review: Dezinerfolio 2.0

Dezinerfolio 2.0 is a dark, 2 columned WordPress theme designed by Navdeep of Deziner Folio. This is an updated version of the first free WordPress theme released by Dezinerfolio. Basic features of this theme include

itheme wordpress theme
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WP Theme Review: iTheme

iTheme is Mac inspired 2-column, widget-ready WordPress theme created by Nick La of N. Design Studio. He’s the same guy that gave us the cool Glossy Blue theme. I’m pretty sure all the Mac fans

friendster logo
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Malicious Friendster Javascript

Last night, as I was logged in to my Friendster account, I viewed my cousin’s profile after accepting his request to add him as a friend. As soon as his profile loaded, a small dialog