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Best Free Icon Search Engines

Icons play a vital role in the visual aesthetics of any blog, website and web or desktop application. Web designers/developers are not the only ones who look for and need icons. Even bloggers and everyday

google voice
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Google Voice Now Open To Everyone

Are you familiar with or have heard about Google Voice? It’s Google’s web-based platform for managing communications which they previewed last year. It enables the user to manage all their phones with just one number

Google World Cup Easter Egg

Google World Cup Easter Egg

Just found out about this earlier while browsing the web. To celebrate the upcoming 2010 FIFA World Cup which starts on June 11th, Google has created a World Cup easter egg on their search results

google logo

Top 1,000 Websites According to Google

Google, via the official Adwords blog has announced the release of Ad Planner’s new features which includes a list of the Top 1,000 most visited websites called the Ad Planner 1000 list. This list was

google pacman doodle
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Google Keeps Playable Pac-Man Doodle

Last Friday, May 22nd marked the 30th anniversary of the popular arcade game Pac-Man. To celebrate this occasion, Google decided to create a playable version of the classic arcade game as its Doodle of the


What is PubSubHubbub?

I first heard about it when Joseph Scott mentioned it while talking about “InterPress” at WordCamp Las Vegas last year. I was chatting with a blogger friend a couple weeks back when he mentioned how

google living stories
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Google Living Stories WordPress Plugin

Have you heard of Google Living Stories? I’m sure most of you haven’t and neither have I until a few days ago when I read an article about it on ReadWriteWeb. The Google Living Stories

gmail drag and drop

Gmail Drag And Drop Attachments

For Gmail users, are you aware that you can now drag-and-drop attachments to your emails? Last week, Google announced on the official Gmail blog the release of the new drag and drop attachments feature for

google webmaster tools

Google Webmaster Tools: New Message Center Notifications

From small personal sites, forums, school & university websites, large corporate websites to government websites – thousands of websites get hacked, maliciously attacked and compromised with spam and bad content each day. In an effort

google minimalist homepage

HowTo: Create Your Own Minimalist Google Homepage

Have you seen, heard or tried out Google’s minimalist homepage? Word about Google’s minimalist homepage prototype first came out around October last year. Screenshots were posted and shared across the Internet, including the line of