android market philippines

Google Expands Android Paid Apps Support to Filipinos

Got an email yesterday from Aileen Apollo, Google Philippines Country Consultant about some exciting news for Android users in the Philippines. Google announced yesterday, May 12th that they will be expanding Android paid apps support

a google a day

A Google A Day – Daily Trivia Game

Google earlier today launched a new online trivia game called A Google A Day. Unlike traditional trivia games that didn’t allow players to look up answers (using books, asking friends, searching the Internet), this daily

real gmail motion

The Real Gmail Motion

Remember one of the pranks Google pulled off during April Fool’s Day called Gmail Motion? Some folks from the University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies decided to make a real, working version of

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Google April Fools Day Pranks 2011

Today is the first day of April and people all over the world “offically” celebrate April Fool’s Day. This means people will be pulling off different types of pranks and jokes. In the Internet, this

google person finder

Google Deploys Person Finder for Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

Earlier today, Google launched it’s Person Finder app to help find missing persons and reunite survivors with their families in the aftermath of the recent 8.9 magnitude earthquake that struck Japan. Aside from the aftershocks,

google chrome

Google Release Chrome Extension to Fight Content Farms

UPDATE: The Personal Blocklist Chrome extension is no longer available. Earlier today, Google released a new Chrome extension called Personal Blocklist as part of their ongoing campaign/battle against content farms. This Chrome extension enables users

google art project

Google Art Project

Art lovers all over the world will definitely love Google’s new discovery tool called the Art Project which allows users to virtually visit and explore museums using Google’s Street View interface. Google’s Art Project was

google piracy keywords

Google Censors Piracy-Related Keywords from Search Tools

Last month, Google announced via the official Public Policy blog four changes to its copywright infringement-prevention policy. This was a response to the pressure by record labels, MPAA and RIAA on Google to censor search