google chrome

Google Release Chrome Extension to Fight Content Farms

UPDATE: The Personal Blocklist Chrome extension is no longer available. Earlier today, Google released a new Chrome extension called Personal Blocklist as part of their

google art project

Google Art Project

Art lovers all over the world will definitely love Google’s new discovery tool called the Art Project which allows users to virtually visit and explore

google piracy keywords

Google Censors Piracy-Related Keywords from Search Tools

Last month, Google announced via the official Public Policy blog four changes to its copywright infringement-prevention policy. This was a response to the pressure by

foursquare integration plugin
WordPress Plugins

Foursquare Integration WordPress Plugin

If you’re one of the active 6 million users of popular location-based social networking website/software Foursquare and happen to run a self-hosted WordPress blog/website or

google voice

Google Voice Adds Number Porting

Google announced early yesterday via the official Google Voice blog that users can now port their existing mobile numbers to Google Voice. This much requested

WordPress Logo

Why You Shouldn’t Look for Free WordPress Themes on Search Engines

One of the common trends in the Internet is that anytime something becomes big and popular, it won’t be long before spammers and other malicious

google apps

Google Adds Email Signing on Google Apps

Since 2004, Gmail has supported e-mail signing standards like DomainKeys and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) to validate mail with digital signatures and help users identify

google demo slam

Google Demo Slam

Ever heard about Google Demo Slam? Neither have I. I only knew or read about it today while browsing the Internet. Google Demo Slam is

google zeitgeist map

Google Zeitgeist 2010

Last week I shared with you Yahoo’s Top 10 Searches for 2010 and the Twitter Top 10 Trends for 2010 just moments ago. Now, I’ll

nexus s

Google Unveils Nexus S Smartphone

The much rumored Google Nexus S smartphone is now official as it went live yesterday morning on Google’s website. The Samsung Electronics manufactured Nexus S

google docs

Google Docs Editing Coming to iOS & Android Devices

One of the features that Google Docs users have been waiting for a long time is the ability to edit documents on mobile devices. The

google voice

Official Google Voice for iPhone App Hits App Store

Last year, Apple denied Google’s request of approval for their Google Voice for iPhone app. A few months after that, Google released a web-based version

google instant previews
Internet SEO

Google Instant Previews

On Tuesday, Google introduced a new search feature called Instant Previews. Traditionally, search results only display the title, URL and a snippet (short description) for

new adsense

New Google Adsense Interface

Google revealed a new Adsense interface known as Version 3 in November of last year and since its announcement, the new interface was kept in

google instant mobile
Internet Mobile

Google Instant (Beta) Now on iPhone and Android

When Google launched their new search enhancement – Google Instant last September, they mentioned that they would also make it available for mobile devices. For

google buzz lawsuit

Google Settles Buzz Lawsuit for $8.5 Million

Got an unexpected email from Google yesterday, regarding the settlement for the Google Buzz privacy lawsuit. The email was sent to all Google Buzz users,