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Twitter Trends 2010: Top Tweets of the Year

Earlier today, Twitter released its Top 10 Twitter Trends of 2010. In order to identify the top trends of the year, the Twitter team analyzed a staggering 25 billion Tweets – the total number of

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Google Android on 1st Gen iPhone

Android and .Net developer David Wong aka “planetbeing” on the Internet has managed to port the Google Android mobile OS onto a first-generation Apple iPhone. The hack which he demonstrated via video shows the hacked

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Barnes & Noble Unveil Nook E-Reader

Barnes & Noble, the largest book retailer and top bookseller in the United States just entered the e-reader market yesterday when they officially unveiled their own version of the e-reader, nicknamed the “Nook”. Features that

nokia n900

Nokia N900

Just a few days ago, Nokia surprised us with the release of the Nokia Booklet 3G mini laptop. Today, they officially released details of their first Linux-based smart phone – the Nokia N900. Compared to