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Google Analytics Site Speed Tracking Feature

A few days ago, Google Analytics added a new feature – site speed tracking. This feature enables users to not only check the site speed but also check specific page/post load times, determine the different

blog updates

Blog Updates 04.11

Wow, time flies so fast! I never realized ’til a few days ago that I haven’t published a blog update for more than a year already. My last blog update was done on November 2009.

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Reinvigorate Now Open To The Public

A few months after the new BETA was released – Reinvigorate, the real-time web analytics service that I’ve been using the past 3 years is finally out of BETA. I have been a private beta

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New Reinvigorate BETA

Aside from Google Analytics, I use Reinvigorate to keep track of my blog stats and analytics. I started using Reinvigorate back in June 2007 when I received the private beta testing invite. Yesterday, while I


Free Google Analytics API Dashboard Application

To keep track of the different blog statistics here on JaypeeOnline, my analytics service of choice is Reinvigorate. I’ve been using it for about 3 years now. Aside from that I also use Clicky which

WordPress Plugins

WP Plugin Review: Cystats

Blog statistics provide blog owners a lot of information regarding the health and growth of their blog. Through statistics, the author can determine the number of visits/pageviews incurred daily, monthly or yearly, what pages were