monkeypr theme
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WP Theme Review: Monkeypr

Here’s a beautiful freemium (free and premium quality) WordPress theme from Retro Design Studio called Monkeypr which was released earlier this month. The theme page doesn’t contain any details or information so I can’t really

paper wall theme
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WP Theme Review: Paper Wall

Smashing Magazine released this theme last July and I was on a blogging hiatus that time so I wasn’t able to do a review of it. Since I really like the theme, its appeal and

pure magazine theme
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WP Theme Review: Pure Magazine

Remember the awesome free WordPress theme called IsoTherm News Magazine that I reviewed about 4 months ago? I know many of you guys liked that theme because of the quality of the design, functionality, customizability

falkner press theme
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WP Theme Review: Falkner Press

With the increasing demand and popularity of premium WordPress themes, some users forget about the free ones especially the ones I call “freemium” themes – premium quality but free WordPress themes. One example is the

mainstream theme
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WP Theme Review: Mainstream

Its good to see sites who normally sell premium WordPress themes release some free themes to the public once in a while. One of the sites who do this in a regular basis is WooThemes.

isotherm news magazine
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WP Theme Review: IsoTherm News Magazine

I was supposed to do a review of a WordPress theme called Iniut Types a few days back but I wasn’t able to finish the draft. I guess it was a blessing in disguise because

irresistible theme
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WP Theme Review: Irresistible

WooThemes is one of the best and most popular places to purchase premium WordPress themes. The current theme I’m using is called Fresh News which I purchased from WooThemes. Aside from premium WordPress themes, once

magazeen theme
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WP Theme Review: Magazeen

Smashing Magazine definitely loves their readers, especially those who have WordPress blogs. Why? Because they’ve recently released another free premium quality WordPress theme called Magazeen, a 2 column, magazine type theme created by the WeFunction

freemium theme
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WP Theme Review: FREEmium

Here’s one free WordPress theme I’m sure most of you would be interested in. It’s called the FREEmium WP theme and I tell you the name says it all. First its free for everyone to

lovebirds theme
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Free WordPress Themes for Valentine’s Day

First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! For this special day, I’ve decided to look around the web and make a compilation of Valentine’s Day-inspired, free WordPress themes. Here they are in no particular order: