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Helvetireader – Clean, Minimalist Google Reader Interface

For those who use Google Reader as their main RSS reader/aggregator, the default interface can sometimes be too cluttered with all the colors, social features and buttons. If you’re not using most of the features

WordPress Personas
Firefox WordPress

WordPress Personas for Firefox

Personas is one of the new features that came with the release of Mozilla Firefox 3.6. Personas are easy-to-use themes that allows users to customize and personalize the look of Firefox, they work the same

after the deadline
Firefox Freeware

After the Deadline for Firefox

Are you guys familiar or have heard of After the Deadline? It is a hosted writing improvement web service that was acquired by Automattic last year. After the Deadline (AtD) provides its service via a


Feedly: Magazine Style Homepage

Although I do a lot of reading online, I don’t really use Google Reader or any other RSS aggregator that much. I prefer to visit the site myself and read the articles directly from that

pingdom control panel

Ping-O-matic Gets a Makeover

UPDATE: I found out how to fix the issue. What you need to do is manually delete Ping-O-Matic’s cookies from your web browser and then reload the page. The thing about this it is that

change the web challenge

Change the Web Challenge

Something interesting caught my attention from the WP Dashboard yesterday, it’s a post from the WordPress blog entitled the Change the Web Challenge. What is Change the Web Challenge? Social Actions’ Change the Web Challenge

safari 4
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Safari 4: Browsing Made Beautiful. And Smart.

Yesterday, Apple released the public beta version of Safari 4 for both Mac OS X and Windows platforms. According to Apple, Safari 4 is faster and “more innovative” than Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and

easycomment extension

easyComment Firefox Extension

Part of my blogging activities include blog hopping and leaving comments on my favorite blogs, daily reads and other blogs I visit. This doesn’t only help in promoting my blog but it also helps me

lunascape browser
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Lunascape – World’s Fastest Browser?

Tokyo-based web software company Lunascape Corporation recently released a web browser called the Lunascape 5 Alpha. This Windows-only browser is the English version of their popular Japanese version (downloaded 10 million times) released back in


Songbird 1.0 Released

The first time I came across Songbird was back in 2005 when it was still a proof-of-concept. I was looking for a free media player alternative and fortunately for me, I came across Songbird. I