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Firefox Freeware

Organize and Schedule Emails With Boomerang for Gmail

Gmail’s built-in filters, labels and the recently launched Priority Inbox help users who receive a boatload of emails on a regular basis to easily organize and manage their Gmail Inbox. However, there are still instances


Feedly: Magazine Style Homepage

Although I do a lot of reading online, I don’t really use Google Reader or any other RSS aggregator that much. I prefer to visit the site myself and read the articles directly from that

easycomment extension

easyComment Firefox Extension

Part of my blogging activities include blog hopping and leaving comments on my favorite blogs, daily reads and other blogs I visit. This doesn’t only help in promoting my blog but it also helps me


Firefox Tab Effect

Just downloaded and installed this Firefox extension called Tab Effect. It doesn’t have much functionality, it was made for the sole purpose of visual amusement, in other words “eye candy”. What does it do? Once