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5 Tips & Tricks to Improve Your Drone Racing

This article is specially prepared to explain the top secrets towards getting your drone racing like never before. This information is very important, most especially for those that are starting out with their first drone

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How to Fly a Drone Like a Pro

Having a drone is one thing, but knowing how to fly one like a professional, is totally a different experience! Flying a drone is not as easy as many people make it seem. There is

DJI Mavic Pro

4 Levels To Start Enjoying Drones

In case you missed it, drones are becoming a big thing. No, not the ones waging war high in the sky, I am talking about the smaller recreational variety that you might have seen around

hexo+ flying camera

HEXO+ – The First Autonomous Flying Camera

There are many different camera drone products available in the market for the regular consumer. But for filmmakers, outdoor enthusiasts and extreme sports aficionados, the best type of drone to have is an autonomous or

lily camera drone

Lily – Self-Flying Waterproof Camera Drone

Several years ago, when you talk about drones you’re most probably referring to UAVs or unmanned aerial vehicles that are used in the military. Nowadays, drones are very common and are flown by regular people