blog world expo
Blogging Events

Blog World Expo

The Blog World Expo started today, November 8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. I really wanted to attend it but unfortunately the schedule and time didn’t permit so I guess I’ll have to wait

weekend roundup
Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup #1

I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for a long time now but never got the chance to do it. Today seemed like the perfect time so I went ahead and did it. Also,

blog addiction test

How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

The other day, I came across a post by Yuga about a blogging addiction test that he took. Later, I found out that Jhay also took the same test. It made me curious to find

No Blog, No Sex

Wife to Hubby: “No Blog, No Sex!”

Now who’d have thought that blogging would get you laid? Hehe After numerous failed efforts to motivate her husband to start blogging on a regular basis, Gail has imposed a “No blog, no sex” rule


Because of Blogging

I got tagged again. This time by Verns. Here, I did your tag just as I promised. But I’ll keep it short and simple. Okay? 5 things that happened because of blogging: 1. I was

abs cbn

ABS-CBN Belittles Blogging?

ABS-CBN was supposed to include in their season ending episode a segment about Retz, a blogger who made almost real-time updates on the popular local show, Pinoy Big Brother. His blog provided the latest scoops,