apple watch rickroll

Apple Rickrolls Apple Watch Users

Google is known for its annual April Fools pranks and hidden easter eggs. It’s already become a tradition, a part of their brand’s culture and people look forward to it. However, the same can’t be

disk utility tutorial
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HowTo: Access Disk Utility on a Mac Computer

Disk Utility is a built-in Apple OS X operating system utility tool used for disk and disk volume-related functions. It can be used for creating, converting, backing up, compressing, encrypting, mounting, unmounting, and ejecting disk

screenshot mac os x
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HowTo: Screen Capture with Mac OS X Lion

To replace the defective Lenovo U400, my wife decided to get a different computer instead of having Lenovo ship us a new unit. We ended up purchasing a 13″ Macbook Pro from BestBuy. This being

flashback trojan
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HowTo: Check/Fix Mac Infected w/ Flashback Trojan

According to Russian antivirus company Dr. Web, there are about 600,000 Macs around the world that are infected by different variations of the Flashback trojan and are now part of a fast-growing Mac botnet. Of

phonen os

Mobile Marketing [Infographic]

Mobile computing used to be the “future” of technology. Now, it has quickly become the “present” with the influx of new devices and technologies such as high-end smartphones, tablets, cloud computing, 4G, WiMAX and LTE

Mac Defender
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HowTo: Avoid/Remove Mac Defender Malware

A few days ago, Apple finally acknowledged the existence of the Mac Defender malware which has already victimized a lot of Mac users. Apple has also announced that they will soon be issuing a software

ios 4.3.3
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iOS 4.3.3 Software Update

Apple iOS version 4.3.3 is now available for download. This software update was released to address the controversial location tracking bug that caused privacy concerns amongst iPhone and iPad users. Apple received a lot of

ios 4.3
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iOS 4.3 Now Available For Download

Early reports indicated that Apple would release the much awaited iOS 4.3 firmware update on March 11th, the same time as the iPad 2 becomes available. However, Apple has surprised everybody by releasing the update

ipad 2

iPad 2: Thinner, Faster, Lighter and FaceTime

Earlier today, Apple officially announced the second-generation iPad. In case you missed it, Apple announced the iPad 2 along with iOS 4.3 during a live event in San Francisco. So what’s new in the iPad

apple peel 520

iPod Touch + Apple Peel 520 = iPhone

Ever wanted to have an iPhone but you’re stuck with an iPod Touch? I know you can use VoIP on the iPod Touch but what happens when you don’t have WiFi access? With about $60,