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Key Management Features of E-Commerce Sites

You’ll find hundreds of articles detailing customer-facing features you should have on your e-commerce site. But when you search “the key management features of e-commerce sites,” you’ll find very little on the subject. Many people

Big Data

5 Benefits of Analyzing Big Data

In 2013, in a single minute, 571 websites are opened; 204 million emails are sent; 70 domains registered; and 278, 000 tweets posted. This is just a statistic. To arrive at that, a lot of

best time to blog

Best Time To Post On Your Blog [Infographic]

Famous poet and playwright William Shakespeare once said “Timing is everything. There is a tide in the affairs of men which when taken at the flood leads on to fortune.” Timing is very important in

google analytics site speed

Google Analytics Site Speed Tracking Feature

A few days ago, Google Analytics added a new feature – site speed tracking. This feature enables users to not only check the site speed but also check specific page/post load times, determine the different

open web analytics

Open Web Analytics

I’ve tried alot of third-party web analytic tools in the past – Google Analytics, Yahoo! Web Analytics, Clicky, Site Meter, 103Bees including WordPress plugins like FireStats and Cystats. Each of these tools and services do

feedburner beta

New Feedburner (Beta) Interface

On Monday, Google released a new and experimental interface for its web feed management service – Feedburner. This new interface is the first major (and long overdue) upgrade since Google acquired Feedburner. I’m sure that

wibiya new dashboard

New Wibiya Dashboard

Wibiya has recently launched a new dashboard design and layout for all Wibiya Toolbar users. The new design and layout enables users to easily see the activity and user engagement on their toolbar – who’s

Freeware Internet

Reinvigorate Now Open To The Public

A few months after the new BETA was released – Reinvigorate, the real-time web analytics service that I’ve been using the past 3 years is finally out of BETA. I have been a private beta

Freeware Internet

TraceWatch – FREE Advanced Traffic Analytics

There are a lot of free web analytic tools and services like Google Analytics, Yahoo! Web Analytics, Reinvigorate, Clicky, Site Meter, 103Bees, etc. These web tools and services do a very good job and provide