Updated to Vista Service Pack 1

Even though Windows Vista Service Pack 1 was finally released and made available for download 2 months ago, I didn’t immediately update my Windows Vista installation. Why? Because I wasn’t excited and neither was I looking forward to it. Windows Vista came pre-installed on my machine but if I had the choice, I would’ve opted to install Windows XP on it.

Regarding the Vista SP 1 update, I said to myself that I would just wait for the auto-update rollout which was scheduled a month after the release. However, the month of April passed and there was no SP1 on Windows Update. Anyone else got the update last month? Anyways, I got mine just a couple days ago. When I saw the Windows Update icon, I clicked on it and found out the update was for Vista Service Pack 1, I decided to go ahead with the update instead of skipping it.

Btw, if you haven’t received a Windows Update for Service Pack 1 and you wanna check what version/edition of Windows Vista you have on your machine here’s how you do it. Click on Start, then look for Computer, right click on it and click on Properties and you’ll see something like this:

Windows Vista Service Pack 1

The screenshot above was taken after the update so if you haven’t update yet, you won’t see “Service Pack 1” on it. The update process (download and installation) took close to 4 hours! Inspite of the long and agonizing wait, I’m glad that everything worked fine and the whole update process went smoothly. I also didn’t have any problems with any device drivers.

If you don’t have Vista Service Pack 1 installed on your machine yet, you can do a Windows Update manually by clicking on the link. This will open up Windows Update on Internet Explorer and although I’m not 100% sure, I’m positive the Service Pack 1 update will be there.

For those of you running Windows Vista, have you already updated to Service Pack 1? If not, what’s keeping you from doing it? For those who updated, did you experience any problems with the update/install process? Where there any conflicts or problems with your device drivers after the update? Share your thoughts and comments via the comment form. Thank you and have a good weekend!

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  1. well here’s what I really noticed after updating Vista to SP1:
    1. heat from the palm rest area of my notebook -where underneath is the hard drive, has greatly decreased. Maybe because the hard drive has lessened its caching.
    2. Cut/Copy and pasting files from the hard drive to usb external devices is much faster now.
    3. CPU activity has been reduced even if a lot of applications are open and running.
    4. Running programs and opening files are quicker.

    Download and install the SP1 update once it appears in WU. Don’t force your system to install it to itself, otherwise it might encounter errors. You can try updating all the drivers first, using the update driver option in device manager. It is also very important to update your BIOS before proceeding to update Vista to SP1.

  2. we had the same difficulty, jayp. i thought it was my RAM. Until I was able to get through with the boot and also updated my video driver. I got my SP1 when it just showed on my Windows Update bar. Try updating your device drivers, too! :( sometimes, this makes me want to jump out of Windows again!!!! :)

  3. @BlogMeTheMoney – I also thought about getting it directly from Microsoft’s website when it was first released but then I decided to wait it out.

    After the update, I haven’t had any problems except for a couple of boot up problems. I still have to find out the cause.

    Anyways, thanks for dropping by and for sharing. :)

  4. I did update mine. it wasnt available for me via update but I chose to goto microsoft and get it anyhow (When it was first released). Most issues relate to antivirus software and sound cards. I didnt have any problems other than I had to readjust my audio settings (bass, trebble, theatre sound etc)

    Ive yet to see any performance boosts either.

  5. @deuts – Like what I told jong, I wanted to include and list down the new features/updates that come with SP1 but there’s too many. Plus some of it are minor that you don’t have to bother to know about it. Hehe :D

    But if you really wanna know, you can check out the link in my reply to jong’s comment.

  6. @dimaks – I see, but have you received the Windows Update notification regarding SP1? What seems to be the problem with the audio? Maybe upgrading to SP1 would fix it. :)

  7. my wife’s laptop’s vista is not yet updated.. i guess..we are having many thoughts because its been behaving so bad lately, especially its audio component.

  8. @jong – I wanted to include the updates included in SP1 but it was too many. Anyways, you can check out this link if you want to find out what’s new in SP1.

    Regarding your question, I’ll talk it over with you on IM. ;)

  9. @rhoen – When did you get the auto-update that included Vista SP1? Was it last April? Coz I got mine only two weeks ago.

    Vista has been having problems booting up after the SP1 update. I think I’ll have to check if I need to update any device drivers. Thanks for sharing kuya! :)

  10. i havent updated mine yet. whats included with the update?

    Btw, i have an off topic question regarding our rig. Have you experienced a black screen when you clicked full screen in youtube or any video streaming site

  11. got mine when it was readily available as auto-update. had it updated for some few minutes but had to solve the my video configuration along with the update for more than 2 hours until I found the auto-update of my NVIDIA for Vista SP1.

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