You might be surprised why I’m blogging about Movable Type, right? Well, this post somewhat involves WordPress. For those who aren’t famliar, Movable Type is another type of blogging platform which is developed by a company called Six Apart. Yesterday, they released the newest version of their software – Movable Type 5. This version’s features include a new user dashboard for both website and blogs, a new theme mechanism and enhanced content management features like revision history and new custom fields.

So how is WordPress involved in this topic? Movable Type 5’s new user dashboard. As you can see from the screenshots below, MT’s new dashboard does have a very strong resemblance with the WordPress dashboard. I included a screenshot of Movable Type 4 so you can compare and see the changes in the user dashboard.

Movable Type 4 Dashboard
Movable Type 4 Dashboard

Movable Type 5 Dashboard
Movable Type 5 Dashboard

WordPress Dashboard (Post version 2.7)
Movable Type 5 Dashboard

I first read about this on Weblog Tools Collection and although I’m totally against ripping off somebody’s ideas/work, I agree with Jeff Chandler’s stand on this topic. The WordPress dashboard is not only pretty but also very functional so it won’t be a surprise if someone would try to imitate or adapt that into their own work. As the saying goes – “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. There’s also the issue of GPL. WordPress is open source and is released under a GPL License Version 2 which means anyone can copy it as long as the process adhere’s to the license.

Anyways, I heard that many WordPress users aren’t happy with this and are accusing MT of “borrowing” the WordPress publishing interface. We can’t blame them because you can really see a strong resemblance especially if you compare the new MT dashboard with the previous design. Although there are also some WordPress users who say that they like Movable Type’s new dashboard better than WordPress.

My take on this? I’m interested to find out what Matt or the other core developers feel about this. If they don’t react or say anything against this, then I think we users should also do the same thing. If there’s anyone who should react to this, it should be them. Also, I don’t care what other blogging platforms do or how nice their user interface looks like because I’m sticking with the best blogging platform/content management system – WordPress. I <3 WordPress!

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So what do you think about Movable Type’s new user dashboard? Which dashboard version do you like better, Movable Type or WordPress? Please share your thoughts.

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  • Michael, January 13, 2010 @ 6:01 AM Reply

    where can I find more themes for my WP dashboard? I really like tweaking things :)

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