Twitter Unveils New Homepage

Earlier today, Twitter unveiled their new or redesigned homepage showing a cleaner interface and overall, a more aesthetically pleasing design. For Twitter users who haven’t seen the new homepage, you have to log out or if you’re using TweetDeck, Twhirl, Twitteriffic, Skimmer or any third party client you have to go, open your browser and visit

Here’s what the folks from Twitter have to say about the new front page:

Today we’re trying a redesigned front page for folks who are new to If you’re a regular around these parts, then you won’t notice the new look unless you sign out of your account. Helping people access Twitter in more relevant and useful ways upon first introduction lowers the barrier to accessing the value Twitter has to offer and presents the service more consistently with how it has evolved.

Twitter began as a rudimentary social tool based on the concept of status messages but together with those who use it every day, the service has taught us what it wants to be. From features invented by users to applications built on the platform, we’re still discovering potential. Twitter has moved from simple social networking into a new kind of communication and a valuable source of timely information. Also, it’s fun.

For those who aren’t familiar with Twitter or haven’t seen the old homepage, below are screenshots of the old and new versions of the homepage.

Old Homepage
Twitter Old Homepage

New Homepage
Twitter New Homepage

The most noticeable changes in the new homepage are the new Twitter bird mascot, the trending topics or hashtags (sorted by hour, day and week) displayed at the bottom and the large search button that lets anyone (not only Twitter users) search/see what people are saying about a certain topic in the tweetosphere and this latest addition to the homepage basically turns Twitter into a search engine. Twitter has also changed their tag line from “What are you doing?” to “Share and discover what’s happening right now, anywhere in the world.

Personally, I love the new homepage design and the new elements added to it. I like how Twitter has made changes to accommodate everyone, not only Twitter users and letting them have access valuable information provided by Twitter and its users.

How about you guys, what do you think of Twitter’s new homepage? Do you like the new design? Do you like the new elements added to the homepage? Why or why not? Please share your thoughts via the comment section. Thanks for your time!

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  1. @Ade – Really? Hehe oh well, I guess its a matter of personal preference. :D

    Anyways, IMO they really needed to update their homepage and redesign it so it can accommodate new users and visitors who like I said, come to Twitter to access information, that’s why it has a new and large Search bar now.

    Btw, based on the plugin I’m using, it shows here that your coming from Australia based on your IP address. That’s weird. You’re still in the Philippines right?

  2. @elmot – Me too. Yeah, I think one of the main reasons why they redesigned their homepage is to be able to cater to the increasing popularity of the service and the influx of new users and visitors who are using the service to access information.

  3. this i like better jayps. just right in time that twitter improved and upgraded their new homepage. increasing number of patrons using it does not suffice to get complacent.

  4. @Loy – Yes it is and it definitely looks much better now. I’m sure the new look is the same all over Twitter but profiles will be different coz of the custom backgrounds. :)

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