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Mid last year, Twitter unveiled a new homepage changing the “original” homepage design. These changes were part of an effort to make search and trending topics more visible and more accessible to its users. Yesterday, Twitter launched a newer version of its homepage, adding new features and elements to the design and feel of its homepage – kinda like a “homepage makeover“.

From the Twitter blog:

Twitter’s homepage is a work-in-progress. Today, we’re testing a new design that bubbles up more of the information flowing through Twitter. This builds on a series of changes starting last year when we redesigned the homepage to make search and trending topics more visible and easily accessible to everyone. With that version, we brought the power of to the homepage and let people explore the value of Twitter without an account.

Previous Twitter Homepage
Twitter Old Homepage

New Twitter Homepage
Twitter New Homepage

New features added to Twitter’s homepage are Top tweets, Trending topics and featured celebrity/popular accounts. The Top tweets section scroll vertically every few seconds to show the top tweets at that moment. The Top tweets section is linked to the @toptweets account who supposedly follows everyone on Twitter and uses an algorithm to pick and retweet the most interesting tweets on Twitter. The Trending topics feature scroll sideways ticker-style and when you hover your mouse over a specific trending topic, it will give you an explanation as to why that topic is trending.

I really like the new Twitter homepage and the changes and new features they’ve added to it. The overall look and feel will definitely be more appealing to new users and surely make it easier for users to search and access the trending topics, top tweets and other information they’re looking for. I also like the “New to Twitter” section, making it more appealing and attractive for people to sign up and start using Twitter. Its also good to see Twitter accommodate businesses and add a link to Twitter 101 – a special guide for those who want to use Twitter for their business.

To see the new Twitter homepage, just go to If you already have a Twitter account, make sure you log out from your account. If you’re using a third-party Twitter client like Hootsuite, TweetDeck, Twhirl, Brizzly, Twitteriffic or Skimmer you’ll have to open your browser and visit

How about you guys, what do you think of Twitter’s new homepage? Do you like the new elements and features added to the homepage? Why or why not? Please share your thoughts via the comment section. Thank you!

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