Trig – Myspace Killer?


Trig is a new social networking site. Although Trig is still in it’s Beta version, it has a lot of potential to compete with Myspace or Friendster. Trig is powered by Ruby on Rails which means that you’ll see a lot of visual effects that use AJAX.

When you sign up, you get to choose what type of profile to create. If you’re an ordinary user, you can create a People profile and if you’re a recording artist or group you can create a Music profile. Profile customization is not yet available but for now, there are 12 skins that you can choose from. You can post a biography, start your own blog, upload photos and display them in your gallery and add tags (kinda like Technorati tags) to make searching things easy for you and other users. You can add tags to your blog, photos and videos.

You can also browse for user shoutouts, music, newly uploaded songs and images, newly posted blogs and tags. One cool feature that I like is the Timeline Content Browser. It lets you search and view the most popular blogs, images, songs and profiles in Trig during a time range that you specify. It’s cool because you like get to see what stuff was popular 3 months ago in Trig.

I already signed up and inspite that it’s still in it’s Beta phase I like what I see. I believe it has what it takes to take on Myspace. I can’t wait til the guys from Trig are all done with it. If you’re already with Trig, add me up if you want:

Checkout Trig or if you want to join, let me know and I’ll send you an invite.

Thanks to Kristin for sharing about Trig.

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  1. @Prab – I've sent you an invite. Kindly check your inbox. :)

    @Major Tom – Yup, the user interface and site layout is uber cool! Let me know if you wanna try it so I can send an invite your way. ;)

  2. I think I'm willing to try it out. After all, for some reason I'm kinda sick of friendster already. :?

    Care to send the invite? :D

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