FriendOrFollow: Who’s Not Following You on Twitter?


While browsing the web the other day I came across a Twitter app called FriendOrFollow. This is not really new and I’m sure some of you have already tried it or are already using it. But anyways, to those who aren’t familiar with FriendOrFollow, it’s a Twitter app/site that lets you find out and tells you who are you following who’s not following you back or who’s following you who you’re not following back. Aside from that it also shows you the Twitter users you follow and also follow you back. FriendOrFollow was created Dusty Reagan and Cesar Torres who also created, a Twitter application ad network.

To use FriendOrFollow, all you need to do is type in your or someone’s Twitter username and submit. Then you’ll be shown a page like this:


The page displays the Twitter user’s profile and avatar then below that, you’ll find three tabs tagged as “following”, “fans” and “friends”. Under the “following” tab are the people the Twitter user is following but aren’t following the user back. The “fans” tab shows the people who follow the Twitter user but the user isn’t following back. The “friends” tab shows the people that the Twitter user is following who also follow the user. For each tab, the person viewing the page can sort the Twitter users according username, number of followers and location.

There are lots of Twitter apps that let you view/check/manage who’s following you or who’s not following you on Twitter but they only provide one type of service. What I like about FriendOrFollow is that it combines several features into one so you don’t have to visit/use several Twitter apps to do these things. Another thing I like about FriendOrFollow is that it only asks/requires your Twitter username to work and doesn’t ask for your password like other Twitter apps do.

FriendOrFollow is useful if you want to find new people to follow on Twitter and manage friends or followers. It lets you add those people you’ve forgotten to follow and maybe also drop those people who you followed but didn’t reciprocate. Since I started using FriendOrFollow, I’ve added a few more people who’re following me that I haven’t followed back. Btw, I’m all about reciprocity.. I do my best to keep track and follow back everyone who follows me on Twitter and FriendOrFollow makes this easier for me.

Have you tried or are using FriendOrFollow or another similar type of Twitter app/site? What are the things/features you like/dislike about it? What are the features you’d want to add to it?

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  1. @Tyrone – I’ve seen Twitter Karma but not Tweepular. You’re right, FoF doesn’t have advanced features like bulk follow/unfollow. Hopefully, they’ll add more features, including the ones you mentioned in the near future.

    Thanks for sharing about Tweepular. I’m gonna check it out later. :)

  2. Tyrone McNeilsays:

    Firendorfollow has some serious competition right now with Twitter Karma and most recently

    The problem with FoF is that you cannot bulk unfollow and it lacks advanced features. Twitter Karma released a while back with decent features but the UI is awful. which hit the scenes last week I think is by far the best follower management application out there right now.

    Hope this helps, great list.

  3. @jan – Oh I see. Threaded tweets sounds very interesting and useful, I think I’ll give TweetTree a try. Thanks for sharing.

    That’s a lot of Twitter apps. I only use a few and that includes TwitterFeed, Qwitter, TweetDeck and FriendorFollow. You’re right these, apps are time consuming and you can only use a few of them at one time.

  4. Number one of course is tweetdeck. Then I have tweetree for it’s threaded tweets. The other good thing about it is that it displays the shortened url in full and shows the posted pics on twitpic. I have twitfox on standby. Twitterholic and twittergrader for vanity purposes. Then, I have this app that emails me a list of new follows and recent unfollows, the last 20 tweets of friends as well as facebook updates. Then your recommendation FriendOrFollow.

    Lots more interesting apps out there. But it’s time consuming. So I just try them out once and forget about it. Tweetdeck still rules and remains my workhorse. :)

  5. jan_geronimosays:

    Okay, FriendOrFollow duly added to my arsenal of Twitter apps. What sold me on this app is that – as you mentioned – it doesn’t ask for your password. On top of that, it has many other uses.

    By the way, I’ve already received the mail you sent me containing the WP schwags. Thank you, Jaypee.

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