Free Social Media Icon Set from Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes Social Media Icon Set

If you loved the 60+ beautiful free icons from MediaLoot’s Prime Icon Set that I shared last week, I’m sure you’re gonna like this too – a Free Social Media Icon Set from Elegant Themes. The package contains 42 icons of popular social media and social networking sites and also contains the PSD file for each icon so users can edit and customize the icons according to their preference.

Here’s Nick Roach of Elegant Themes on the Free Social Media Icon Set:

I have been working on my new theme, MyResume, and was in need of some social media icons. So I decided to make a set and release it for free for anyone who would like to use them. These icons have no restrictions, so feel free to use them however you like. Redistribute, resell, or repackage them — I don’t mind. But if you appreciate the free resource please link back to this post! The package includes 42 64×64 icons in both PNG and PSD form.

Preview of the free social media icon set from Elegant Themes:
Elegant Themes Social Media Icon Set

Nick was very generous to offer this premium quality icon set for free but that’s not all, this icon set doesn’t have any restrictions so you can use it any way you want. You can redistribute, resell or repackage it and share it your readers on your own blog or website. This free social media icon set from Elegant Themes will help make your blog or website look nice and at the same time provide a way for you to promote your social network profiles and provides options for your readers to share your content to their friends and social networks.

As I mentioned in my comment on Nick’s post, it would be nice if he can update it and add a Google Buzz icon because its becoming more popular and many bloggers are starting to use and put up Buzz icons on their blogs/websites. Nevertheless, this is still an awesome social media icon set and what makes it better is that it’s FREE!

Download the Free Social Media Icon Set from Elegant Themes

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  1. Hi Jaypee…am really grateful to Nick and to you for sharing the elegant themes. Only problem is, once I have downloaded them, how do I use them on my wordpress site? Sorry, to ask such a basic question, but I am not a computer nerd, but a Luddite who knows absolutely nothing about this new world of technology. Please help if you can!

  2. @Ronald – Powerful in what way? I’m not sure we’re using the same theme, but I’m sure that your theme is also from WooThemes.

    The header is default, the only thing I added was the header image with my blog mascot and add the space for the ad banner.

  3. @Ronald – Oh I see. Well, I’m not sure he’s allowed to do that but anyways, you need to check the theme file that you downloaded and make sure that it’s complete. Then when you upload it to your web server, make sure that you upload everything into the right folder.

  4. @Ronald – Did you purchase the theme from Elegant Themes? If it says that its missing a certain file, sometimes it has to do with the file that you downloaded or when you uploaded the files to your web server. Who’s your hosting provider?

  5. I have tried using Elegant Themes on my blog but it never worked. May error. “Missing CSS” ata. I called my hosting provider and they said it might be a problem in the theme.

  6. It’s not only the icons that are great in ET. I’ve just switched to elegantthemes for my wp theme, and I’ve never been so satisfied with the look of my blog as I am now.

  7. @Ronald – Yes, you should because Elegant Themes have very beautiful, well-designed and very affordable premium WordPress themes. Btw, if you decide to purchase a theme from Elegant Themes, don’t forget to use my affiliate link. Hehe ;)

    Oh yeah, one more thing – where do you plan to move your blog? Have you chosen a hosting provider already?

  8. @Vincent – That’s right, those icons look like iPhone app icons. Hehe

    I’m sure many users are waiting and hoping that Nick would add a Google Buzz icon to the set.

  9. Very beautiful indeed. Looks much like icon on iPhones. Google Buzz definitely worth a place in it rather than dying networking sites, like Friendster.

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