Exclusive Video of Osama Dead [Facebook SCAM]

The recent death of Al Qaeda leader – Osama Bin Laden has been the hottest topic across the globe, including the Internet the past couple of days. You see it on TV, newspapers and it’s all over Twitter, Facebook other social networks, mainstream news websites, etc. Journalists and bloggers aren’t the only ones taking advantage of the popularity of this event, but also hackers.

When I logged on to Facebook yesterday, I noticed that several of my friends were all posting a similar link which was supposedly an exclusive video of the death of Osama Bin Laden with the headline – “EXCLUSIVE VIDEO OF Osama DEAD. WOW” and below it was a link that you’re supposed to click on order to view the video. I knew right away that it was another Facebook scam that was quickly spreading.

Here’s how the Osama Bin Laden Dead Facebook Scam looks like:
Osama Dead Facebook Scam

If you see this post on your Newsfeed or Wall, DO NOT CLICK ON IT! I haven’t yet confirmed what this specific scam does but it’s safe to say that its not safe. It could be anything – link to a phishing website, link to a website with malware or link to a website asking you to download a Trojan which may not only compromise your Facebook account but could also infect your computer and cause further damage.

Aside from deleting the post from your Newsfeed, another thing you can do to prevent this from spreading is to notify the person/s who are posting the links. I’m sure the persons who own the profiles/accounts that are publishing these links are not aware of it because these posts are done automatically by a script via compromised accounts.

In case you already clicked on the link, make sure you immediately change your current Facebook account password. If you’re using the same password for your email account (Facebook login) or other website accounts, make sure you also change the passwords for those accounts. It’s always a good practice to never use the same password for two different websites.

Please be safe and watch out for scams spreading on Facebook like the Exclusive Video of Osama Dead scam. If you’re not sure about the link posted by your friend on Facebook, better not click on it. Better safe than sorry folks!

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  1. Bacolod Bloggersays:

    its very annoying to see spammers capitalizing on recent events. This also happened during the Japan Earthquake-Tsunami tragedy.

    There’s always a high price for curiosity. hehe

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