MyBlogLog Hack?

MyBlogLog Hack

I’m sure most of you guys who come and visit my blog know about MyBlogLog or what it is. Most of you are even in it, right? But have you heard of a MyBlogLog hack? I’m new to MyBlogLog so I couldn’t really say if this is something new or if it’s happened before. But nevertheless, I found out just now about a MyBlogLog hack.

About a week ago, I received an email notification from a MyBlogLog community asking me to be a co-author. The first time I received it, I just ignored it. A few days later, I received the same email with the same message. This time, I checked out the community and left the author a private message asking about the request that I received. I didn’t receive any replies from the author so I thought that they must’ve changed their minds or something came up.

Earlier today, while I was checking my MyBlogLog profile, I remembered the email that I received and decided to visit the same community. I saw this message written by the community author and this explains what happened.

The invitation that you received was, in fact, a hack on mybloglog, so we didn’t invite you to be co-author of our websites.

I don’t know how it was done or who did it. But the community author clearly said that it wasn’t them who sent the co-author invites/requests. It means someone else did it without their knowledge and authorization. Therefore, it can be considered as a hack. Someone hacked hacked or accessed their account and sent the invites.

I’m not sure if the MyBlogLog staff are aware of this. Anyways, next time you receive any emails regarding co-author requests or invites make sure to contact them first and ask about it.

UPDATE: As I was checking my stats, I found a link from Google Blog search pointing to this post. I clicked on the link and saw my post together with other posts tagged with MyBlogLog. In that particular search result, I found other posts about hacks and exploits involving MyBlogLog. There I also found out that Jeremy Shoemaker aka ShoeMoney got recently banned from MyBlogLog. He has been recently talking about MyBlogLog security flaws, exploits and hacks in his blog. While Andy Beal of Marketing Pilgrim is boycotting MyBlogLog in support of Jeremy until they reinstate his profile.

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  1. @benj – Yup, that’s the one! have a point :D

    @ron – So after you approved it, did it immediately make you a co-author?

    @MM – I see. So I guess it’s only this particular community that got hacked since all of us got the email notifications from the same community. :)

  2. @karla – Did you also receive an email from the same community or from a different one? I also ignored it the first time, but since I received it a second time, I decided to send the author a message. :)

    @MM – Really? So is it from the same community or has other communities been hacked as well?

  3. @Joni – The hacks aren't that "bad" or "serious" but still can be used maliciously. Stalker ka pala ha! Hehe :D

    @dimaks – It's all good man. No worries about it. Continue to use MyBlogLog and have fun! :)

    @sarah – Welcome to MyBlogLog! I added you already as a contact. :)

    @ron – Really? Did you receive the email from the same community? What did you do about it?

  4. Kaya ayokong itry yan mybloglog eh…takut ako sa mga hack at ayokong malaman ng iba na nagvisit ako sa blog nila..hehehe..stalker pala e no?

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