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Believe it or not, more and more employers are using social media to find talent. According to a survey by Jobvite, 80% of employers are using to support their recruitment efforts and the top 3 channels being used are LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Getting a job via social media is without doubt common as much as job seeking in online ads.

With its easy access, there will be more and more applicant flow in those channels. It will be more competitive. Now, the challenge is how to maximize your job search on social media to make sure you find all the possible jobs you are qualified in.

1. Search within social media

The magic word is “search”. But where to start? LinkedIn is an undisputed social media job search platform but other popular channels like Facebook and Twitter should never be left out of your search lists. LinkedIn’s Job section provides a list of jobs closely related to your LinkedIn profile which is based on your work history and connections.

In Facebook’s case, what you do is to search for company pages (you want to work with) and follow them. Some pages post vacancies on their wall or some have a dedicated jobs tab like one of TeleTech Pilipinas. If you are not aiming for a certain company and simply a job title, use the Facebook search function. Try searching for the keyword “jobs” on search and you’ll get useful links and pages.

For Twitter, simply follow a company or do the tweet search function. Some brands have a dedicated channel for recruitment but others integrate it to their main social media accounts.

2. Network with the recruiter

LinkedIn makes it easy for anyone to network with a hiring manager. If you already set up your profile with a profile picture, upload your email contacts. This is to start with a few set of networks in LinkedIn. See your immediate network if you can get introduced to a hiring manager. You can also search for a company and a position readily accessible in LinkedIn.

Also, join groups relevant to your industry and follow companies. They post career opportunities there as well.

3. Grow your online influence

Not all can be considered influencers — or the thought movers and conversational leaders — but everyone has influence. Most businesses operate online. Having a bigger network than your fellow applicants gives you a better chance. Why? It’s a skill. It’s not only the numbers. It’s what you do in the internet that manifests a soft skill of online influence. If you got more network and influence, especially when a job benefits from it (e.g. PR, marketing), it’s a given advantage. can be a way of measuring your influence online.

Some employers even check out on your online profiles in Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, blogs, etc. Just a name search on Google and they’ll found out who you are and what you say online (as long as your profile is public).

4. Leverage Smartphone Job Apps

LinkUp found that 20% of jobseekers use their smartphones to look for a job. Apps like CareerBuilder, JobCompass, Monster, BusyBee and many more will help you find one customized and filtered to your needs. Also, utilize RSS or job alerts from your favorite job boards. You can’t miss an opportunity on the go.

5. Start a social resume

Get attention by showing off your creativity skills using video, infographics, or slideshow presentations as an alternative/additional resume and upload them to video/presentation-sharing websites like Youtube and Slideshare.

You can start a website or a blog. Design its format and design. Put content relevant to your job like blog posts, multimedia, about yourself, and integrate your social networks. Don’t forget to include a portfolio of your works and how they can contact you. Land a job by having your online profile easily shareable.

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  1. nice one.. sir jp, is it possible that you can post howto on how to make that killer portfolio? like what to include in the frontpage, the cv, etc

  2. I agree with all your points above, that’s very helpful and easy to grasp. Actually, social media jobs are so trending today, if you are using an oDesk as a freelancer online you will notice that majority of the jobs are social media related which opens a great opportunity for netizens to earn.

    Thanks for the updates.Keep it up!

  3. It could also work both ways. For instance, US-based employers are also looking at social network reputations as background reference before hiring potential employees. Although not exactly sure if this is being practiced here in RP (personally I think its ludacris!) So always think before you click. =)

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