Do you want to have a better or successful in social media experience? Follow the rules. Wait, you might be wondering as to what rules I’m talking about? Did you know that there’s such a thing as rules of social media? Neither did I, until I came across Jeremy Waite’s witty, humorous and thought-provoking list of The 80 Rules of Social Media that he created to guide and help users in that particular area of the messy world of the Internet.

Rule #1 is Obey the rules. To know the other 79 rules, check out the infographic below.

80 rules social media
[click here to view a larger version of the infographic]

Although there are no definite rules in social media, the ones Jeremy shared hold true in most situations and many of us can learn from these rules. There are so many types of social media and social networking sites available on the Internet each having a different niche or market but regardless of which particular site we use I think that most of us would be more successful if we actually applied some of these rules into practice. Don’t you think? So which one is your favorite rule or rules?

Btw, Jeremy Waite is the Head of Social Media Strategy for Adobe EMEA.

[via Adobe Digital Europe Blog]

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