lg g3

LG G3 – Unboxing and First Impressions

Been having some issues with my HTC One M7 the past few weeks so I decided to go to the AT&T store in the area and get a new phone. I was only looking for…

lenovo u400 9

Lenovo U400 Unboxing

UPDATE: Had problems with the WiFi card (Intel Centrino Wireless-N 1030). It worked fine the first few days but one day it just stopped working. Tried all possible fixes and solutions – updating the driver,…

nokia bh905i

Nokia BH-905i Unboxing Photos

Less than a week after I received the Nokia N8 trial unit, I received another package from Nokia WOMWorld via DHL. This time, the package contained the Nokia BH-905i bluetooth stereo headset. Was expecting the…

nokia n8

Nokia N8 Unboxing Photos

Received a package last friday from Nokia WOMWorld containing the Nokia N8 review unit. It was sent via DHL and arrived just two days after I filled up and submitted the trial and usage agreement…

nokia booklet 3g

Nokia Booklet 3G Unboxing Photos

I was surprised to see a DHL delivery guy knocking at the door yesterday afternoon. I asked my wife if she was expecting any packages, but she said “No”. When I went to open the…

Langtu Gaming Keyboard

LANGTU Membrane Gaming Keyboard

As I mentioned in my Dell Inspiron 5490 All-In-One desktop unboxing post, I didn’t have the option to select or upgrade the keyboard & mouse at the time of purchase so I was stuck with…

CyberPower ST425 UPS System

CyberPower ST425 Standby UPS System

One of the first things I purchased soon after I got my Dell Inspiron 5490 All-In-One desktop computer was standby UPS system. I’ve thought about getting one a few years back, when I had the…

dodocool DA109 Bluetooth Earphones
Featured Gadgets

Dodocool DA109 Bluetooth Earphones Review

The last time I received earphones for product review was four years ago when I unboxed and reviewed the Musicanywhere Adrenaline Series AD0503 bluetooth earphones. I rarely use earphones or headphones when listening to music…



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E-commerce Store
Social Media

5 Effective Ways to Promote Your E-commerce Store on Instagram

E-commerce businesses have been utilizing the help of social media sites for a lot of reasons. About the best use, they have for social media is that such platforms are great for promoting their business.…