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Geek – New Race of People

A few days ago I came across an interesting article. It talks about how the U.N. or United Nations has recently added “geek” as a new race of people on earth. With that, the terms…


Free Audio Editing Software Part I

Last time, I featured free video editors for Mac, Windows and Linux and now here’s a compilation of available free audio editors or free audio editing software that work on Windows, Mac and Linux. Ardour…


Firefox Add-ons for Bloggers

I’m an avid fan of Mozilla Firefox and have been using it for about 6 years now. I started using it when it was still called Firebird. From the moment I started using Firefox, I…


Joining the Linux Bandwagon

Previously, I was running Windows XP Home Edition on my Compaq Presario notebook. I had to limit the number of applications running because if not, it would become annoyingly slow. You see, my laptop has…

Freeware Software

Free Video Editing Software for Linux

I’ve already featured free video editing software for Windows and Mac. I can’t leave out Linux, so here’s a list of free non-linear video editing software for all you Linux users out there. Avidemux Avidemux…

Featured Freeware

Free Video Editing Software for Windows

UPDATED: 03/08/07 When I blogged about my new toy the Sony DCR-DVD 105, I didn’t expect the post to be a support forum of sorts for this device. Visitors have posted comments and asked different…


Clever Keys

When composing a letter, document or a blog entry most of the time I have to look up words in the dictionary, Google or Wikipedia. Previously, I only used a Firefox extension called Dictionary Lookup…

ms paint artwork
Internet Software

MS Paint Masterpiece

I’m sure most of you guys, (including myself) have tried and used MS Paint in some point in time. I remember it to be one of the best tools to kill time during computer lab…

2006 foot in mouth awards

2006 Foot-in-Mouth Awards

Here’s the installment to last year’s Foot in Mouth Awards. Check it out! by Tony Long Leading off with a stupid quote from President Bush might seem a little too easy, perhaps unfair, a bit…

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News Technology

James Kim, still missing

CNET senior editor James Kim is still missing. He and his family were last seen on November 25th. They were on vacation and drove up to the great Pacific Northwest. They were driving a 2005…