weekend roundup
Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup #21

Here’s the very delayed and long overdue weekend roundup. I started writing the draft last week but wasn’t able to finish it. I was out the whole day Friday & Saturday and come Sunday, I…

Product/Site Reviews

RemotePC – Remote Access

Have you experienced being away on a trip and suddenly realizing that you forgot or need some important files from your home or office computer? Or are you a small business that provide computer support…

weekend roundup
Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup #4

It’s time once again for the weekend roundup. David Airey’s Google search rankings drop, penalized for text link ads? Here’s a useful program that can help you with your computer memory upgrade. Learn how to…

no place like home
Humor Internet

The Funniest Geek Quotes

Got an email in my inbox a few days ago about an article entitled “The Funniest Geek Quotes”. Some of these quotes have been around for quite a while so some of you might have…


Free Text Editors Part II

This is the second part of Free Text Editors. Arachnophilia Arachnophilia is a popular text-based HTML editor written in Java by Paul Lutus. It is known to be a successor to another HTML editor WebThing.…

firefox ie
Firefox Internet

Firefox + IE = Security Flaw?

This is the first time I’ve heard of a security flaw that’s caused or involves two browsers. Most of the time, known security flaws are found in Internet Explorer and sometimes in Firefox. But this…

Featured Freeware

Free Text Editors Part I

One important tool that any web developer, programmer or blogger should have is a text editor. Aside from the popular Notepad that goes with Windows, there are a lot of free text editors that are…

kill bill's browser
Firefox Internet

Kill Bill’s Browser

Just by reading the title of this post, do you have any idea what it’s about? If not, then here’s a little explanation: Bill Gates = Microsoft = Internet Explorer. Got it? Bill Gates owns…

Tips & Tricks

HowTo: Restore Show Desktop Icon

Have you mistakenly deleted the Show Desktop icon from the Quick Launch bar? Or is it just simply missing and you don’t know how to restore or recreate it? I’ve been using Windows for a…

Gadgets Software

First iPod Virus Discovered

Kapersky Labs reportedly has discovered the first ever virus designed to infect the most popular portable media player today, the iPod. However, the virus dubbed Podloso is only a proof of concept program and does…