2008 Philippine Blog Awards

2008 Philippine Blog Awards

Earlier today, the organizers and staff has launched the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards. Time flies so fast! It feels like it was only yesterday when JaypeeOnline was nominated and became a finalist in last year’s Philippine Blog Awards. Although nominations are still closed and the details of the event haven’t been announced yet, the staff already unveiled the new design for this year’s blog awards.

Philippine Blog Awards Website

Ain’t it pretty? The 2008 Philippine Blog Awards website was made by no other than Gail Dela Cruz of Sheero Media Solutions. I love this year’s design. Gail did a very good job with it. This new design looks definitely better than last year’s design. I especially like the header that displays random images taken during last year’s awards night.

The organizers are doing their best to make this year’s awards night a bigger and grander event and they need all the help they can get. They’re looking for volunteers and willing sponsors.

If you’re a Pinoy blogger and would like to help, you can do that by blogging about it, putting a badge or logo in your blog, submitting creative banners and badges or sending your photos of last year’s awards night.

Help spread the word about the upcoming 2008 Philippine Blog Awards!

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  1. Oops. Thanks for the correction. I concluded right away that you’re from Negros since you studied in Bacolod. Anyway, I’m also fluent in Hiligaynon and not so-so in Tagalog. Hehe. :smile:

  2. @Gabzki – I see. That’s cool! I finished school from Bacolod but I’m not from Negros, my roots are from Iloilo City where my dad comes from. I’m half Ilonggo and half Tagalog and I speak Hiligaynon and Tagalog fluently. I also speak a little bit of Cebuano. :D

  3. Yep, yep, yep. I’m a full-blooded Ilonggo. I was born and raised in Iloilo City. What I’ve known is that you’re Ilonggo also, but only from Negros.

  4. @Gail – You’re welcome! This year’s design is really nice. I’m sure if you had more time, last year’s design would nice too.

    It’s good to hear that. I hope this year’s awards would not only be better but also see more blogs participating. Just a suggestion, I think you guys should consider adding more categories since many blogs don’t belong to last year’s categories. I think it would give chance to other blogs and make it less crowded in some categories.

    Unfortunately for me, like last year I won’t be able to attend this year’s awards. :(

    Anyways, you’re welcome and let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help. :)

  5. Thanks Jaypee! Glad you liked the design. I like the new one better too hahaha I had a bit more time to make it than the three-day site Abe and I rushed for launching last year :D

    And yup, we are planning to make the awards better this year. We’ve started planning early so we can have more time to have it organized.

    Hope to see you at the Awards Night! We’re still finalizing the details, but we’ll be announcing it on the blog awards site soon.

    Thanks again for your support!

  6. @FruityOaty – I know about that but was too lazy to edit it. Hehe Thanks for pointing it out though. Yeah, it sucks that it’s no longer compatible with WP 2.3+. Thanks for the heads up on this new plugin! I’ll install it as soon as I can. :D

  7. Hey… your IMP Links plugin isn’t working on your Links page – throwing an error. As you already know, it’s not compatible with WP 2.3+. Don’t think it’ll be fixed anytime soon… according to message on author’s site.

    But here’s a GREAT PLUGIN to replace it: Multiple Column Link List. Check it out – nifty.

  8. @FruityOaty – Yes, it is nice. Haha, thanks! How much will that cost me? Just kidding!

    Anyways, that is not a glitch my friend. What you’re seeing is the actual PR of this blog. Sad but true! :(

  9. It looks very nice… And I’ll be sure to be the 1st one to nominate you this year! :)

    BTW, it appears that you lost PR in the latest Google PageRank udpate? My PR toolbar indicates… zero? Ouch. But maybe it’s just a glitch in my toolbar…

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