Wireless Broadband

Wireless Broadband

Remember the days when we still used dial-up Internet access? How can you forget the sound the modem makes as it dials-up and tries to make a connection? With dial-up Internet, a good connection meant having around 30 kbps. Those were the days! These days, not only do we enjoy high-speed Internet access but we now also have wireless internet that provides us with high-speed Internet access anywhere we go. Now, we can surf the web anywhere we go with our laptops, portable gaming devices, smartphones, etc. Wireless broadband or also called as mobile broadband is a fairly new technology, but its starting to become more and more popular and from the looks of it, could possibly replace wired Internet networks.

Wireless broadband has become more popular not only because it provides an easier and more convenient way to have Internet access but because it is more easier to install and maintain. Unlike wired networks where you have to install and setup fiber optic cables, with wireless broadband all you need is a mobile broadband card or USB modems that are very easy to install and doesn’t require maintenance. You can conveniently get these devices from your Internet Service Provider or ISP and use it for your desktop computer, laptops, netbooks and other mobile devices.

These days, there are many companies who provide mobile broandband services and offer a wide array of wireless broadband plans. Here in the US, the ones that I know who provide wireless broandband are AT&T, Verizon, Spring and T-Mobile. There are also websites that you can visit online like http://www.broadbandexpert.com.au/, that can help you compare mobile broadband plans so you can pick the right plan that you need.

Anyone here who subscribes to a wireless broadband plan? Anyone have both wired Internet and wireless broadband? How much are you paying for it and how fast is your connection? What’s the main reason why you chose wireless broadband over a wired Internet access? Please share your thoughts.

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  3. @Joie – Right now, wired Internet is still faster than wireless broadband but as it becomes more popular and widely used and when new wireless technologies are developed, the time may come that wireless broadband would be as fast or faster than wired Internet. :)

  4. So true. I remember buying an internet card and the connection was pretty slow. I have a USB Modem so that I can connect to the wireless that I take every time I travel it is about 100 RMB for 88 hours. I do still prefer wired internet but wireless is just convenient.

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