Top Apps Every Family Lawyer Should Have

Family Lawyer

Family lawyers deal with clients who are going through very difficult times. Trying to get custody of a child or divorcing a spouse is not something people want to experience, but sometimes, they are inevitable moments. As a family attorney, you want to make sure you help your clients as much as possible.

While you have a lot of responsibilities, there are a few ways to make your work easier and improve your relationship with your clients this way. Thanks to technology, you can find many applications that make it easier to navigate cases and focus on the most important things.

That being said, let’s take a look at some apps that all family and divorce attorneys should have.


Taking care of accounting tasks is something you will deal with during your career as a family lawyer. But if you are the leader of a law firm and also have to take care of your clients’ cases, you do not have too much time to handle this. Fortunately, apps like Xero can save you.

Xero has all the qualities of an accountant. It lets you handle things like invoices, payments, cash flow management, and many others. And to make sure that you connect all these payments with the right clients and situations, Xero also directly integrates with Clio. Isn’t that great?


We all need a place to store our files, but this is even more important for a family attorney who is dealing with so many cases. Keeping documents in a safe place is crucial, but having physical documents to search through can quickly turn into chaos. You’d end up wasting time looking through piles of paper trying to find a specific document, so it’s not exactly the best option.

Storing files electronically is a preferred method nowadays, but you also need to make sure these files are safe. An app like Dropbox is more than perfect in this regard. It not only lets you keep relevant documents in your account, but also lets you access them wherever you are.

Besides, it will all be much easier when you are trying to find a specific document. You can simply search for a particular file name and it’ll come to you in an instant.

Our Family Wizard

Following a divorce, the couple has to deal with a few changes and difficulties. For instance, there may be alimony or child support payments, but also visitation times for non-custodial parents. It can be hard to keep track of everything, but Our Family Wizard is an application that saves the day.

It helps manage all such issues after a divorce by keeping track of communication and payments. It’s especially useful for a family attorney that has to monitor separation order compliance. The best part is that a lawyer can get a free account that syncs with the client’s account.


You do not always have time to meet your clients in person, especially if you live in completely different locations. Video conferencing apps like Skype make it easier to keep in touch with your clients and discuss important matters.

Access Family Law

Access Family Law is an app that can help your clients manage simple family law problems. Although this is what you are responsible for, you may not always have time to handle every single problem. So, an app that takes care of it can be a blessing.

It will let you focus on more important things and also free your schedule a little bit. The app has personalized divorce documents, different divorce tools, and other things.

Google Calendar or iCal

Keeping track of important dates is a must when you’re a family lawyer. You may have important meetings with clients or have to take care of very important situations. Sometimes, remembering the dates is hard, especially when you’re suffocated by work.

This is where apps like iCal and Google Calendar become useful. They are calendars that can help you mark important days for appointments, meetings, and similar things. Android phones use Google Calendar, whereas iOS devices use iCal.


Signing documents electronically simplifies things in a lot of fields, including family law. Nowadays, you do not need to meet clients or other people for signatures. You can sign documents from far away using something like RightSignature. Clients themselves can sign documents using RightSignature as well.

Final Thoughts

Different apps can make your life as a family law attorney easier. Consider installing one or more of these applications to simplify things when working.

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