TheScore Media Company Develops TheScore Bet Mobile App

TheScore was also scoring big-time volume in terms of numbers long before the company made the decision to venture into the sports betting industry.

TheScore began life as a sports news provider and in 2007, originally created an app to deliver up-to-the-second sports news to people directly through their mobile device, providing instant 24/7 access that was at their fingertips. Through this online sports platform, theScore has been able to generate more than 55 million followers on social media sites.

When the United States Supreme Court ruled in 2018 that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which prohibited legal sports betting beyond the state of Nevada, violated the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, it opened the door for all 50 states to legalize sports betting. TheScore opted to get into the game and developed and created a new mobile app under their brand name that would be utilized exclusively for online sports betting, called theScore Bet.

Taking A Different Tack

The vast majority of online sportsbook sites in the United States are following a very similar blueprint in order to open for business. Firstly, they establish a partnership with an existing brick and mortar casino within the state that has opted to legalize sports betting.

Together, they open a retail sports betting location in the casino that is generally adjacent to where the casino operation is situated. Next, they launch an online site carrying the same betting options as the retail sportsbook and include a mobile app as an additional option.

TheScore has flipped the script on this entire process. They don’t have a retail sports betting site. In fact, they don’t even have an online wagering option. TheScore Bet, the company’s betting site, is a 100 percent app-driven entity. In fact, they bill theScore Bet as sports betting from your favorite sports app.

Mobile Betting Is The Future

We live in a society that is all about convenience and instant gratification. The internet has made the concept of waiting for an answer obsolete.

Mobile access to this technology has only ramped up that need to know right away even further for everyone. It’s only logical that as legal sports betting became more prevalent across the USA that a mobile device would be the preferred method to place a wager for the vast majority of players.

To put it into simpler terms, suppose you’re watching a sporting event on television. It could be at home while seated on the couch in your living room. It might be at a sports bar while out for the night with a gathering of friends. No matter. The endgame is going to be the same.

You decide that you want to place a wager on the game you’re watching, or are about to watch. Which is the easier option – pulling out your laptop, opening a browser window, searching for the betting site, and then placing the bet, or pulling out your phone, clicking on the betting site’s app, and putting the money down on your wager?

The answer is in the question. Simplicity rules the day. And it’s already showing in the data gleaned by sports betting sites across the USA. New Jersey, the state among the newcomers that are betting the most on sports – over $1 billion in December of 2020 alone – shows that over 80 percent of all wagers placed at New Jersey sportsbooks are either online or mobile.

TheScore Bet Mobile App

Industry analysts assess that 72 percent of those wagers are being placed via a mobile device. That total is expected to go over 80 percent before long.

An Eye On Tomorrow

While other betting sites will eventually transition the majority of their efforts into their mobile apps, theScore is already there.

Marrying their sports news app with their sports betting app, theScore enables bettors to build their bet slip from the boxscore. Once they’re done making their selections, with a single tap, they’ll be taken from theScore to theScore Bet, making it faster than ever to access the necessary information and then to place a bet.

Already active in New Jersey, Colorado, and Indiana, with theScore Bet’s easy-to-use navigation and extremely intuitive layout, the placing of a bet, and the depositing and withdrawing of funds has never been easier.

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