Top Reasons Why Technology Is Affecting Divorce Rates

Technology Affecting Divorce Rates
How is technology affecting divorce rates?

Technology is on the rise, and more people are finding its progress beneficial for humanity. That said, not everyone is thankful for technological breakthroughs. Sometimes, this can lead to multiple disagreements, which often leads to divorce. Here are the main ways in which our most reliable technologies can end a marriage.

How is Technology Affecting Divorce Rates?

1. Money Spent

With technology improving and new gadgets coming out every year, people are spending more and more money on various gadgets. With iPhones becoming more and more expensive every day, we would have to come up with a small fortune. For us, the price is worth it, especially if we are enthusiasts. That doesn’t mean our spouses may agree with this as well.

An iPhone 13 costs around $700 if you find it at a good deal, whereas the average electricity bill costs around $206 per month. One iPhone can over three months’ worth of electricity bill, which makes it understandable why spouses would fight. If they continuously have arguments about the unnecessary purchase, they might just decide to get a divorce.

2. Social Media

According to statistics, one in three divorces happens because of a disagreement that took place on social media. In other words, if we did not have Facebook or other similar platforms, 33% of divorcees may have stood a chance at a long and happy marriage.

There may be various reasons for this. Perhaps another person left a kinky comment on the spouse’s pictures. Or maybe they are getting way too many heart reactions from a certain person. Social media can breed jealousy, and whether or not the concerns are rightful, it can lead to a divorce-triggering argument.

3. Texting

Texting has become the preferred method of communication for many people, mainly because it is easy to do. You can text from everywhere: on the bus, in bed watching TV, while working, or even from the toilet. There are no limits to where you can text from, and people are appreciating this ease of communication.

The problem with texting is that texting also reduces face-to-face communication. You can’t see their body language – and as a result, you can’t take their tone into account. Perhaps you are just messing with your spouse and trying to make a joke. That said, since they can’t see your face, they can’t sense your sarcasm or potential irony. This can lead to a huge fight – and potentially, towards divorce.

4. Age

According to almost every California divorce attorney, you are more likely to file for a divorce if you are a millennial (30-34 years old). At this age, you are more likely to focus on your career and on technology rather than focusing on your relationship.

Older couples don’t usually use technology as much. That said, technology attracts younger people, with the multitude of addictive apps and gadgets that they may use. This can cause neglect between spouses – which can eventually lead to divorce.

5. Lack of Intimacy

Sometimes, people find it easier to share things online rather than to share them with a partner. It’s easier when someone you don’t really know reads what you say because they likely won’t care enough to judge. Partners, however, are a different story – and we may be more honest with people online than the person next to us.

This can lead to a lack of intimacy between spouses. They no longer exchange opinions or romantic thoughts personally, because they “already expressed it” online. They may be sitting next to one another, watching a Netflix series on their laptop, or scrolling their phones, all while completely ignoring their partner. Too much of this can eventually lead to a divorce.

6. Lack of Social Life

Let’s face it; with technology on the rise, many of us no longer feel the need to engage in social activities. Before couples would go on dates, to concerts, or simply hang out in social situations with one another. Now, they may prefer to spend their time at home, playing video games or binge-watching TV series.

Sure, you may be married to your partner, and you may be seeing them every day. However, you are no longer enjoying these social activities together. This can create a rift between partners, as they feel they are ignored in favor of technology. They become nothing more than simple roommates, and this distance can lead to a divorce.

The Bottom Line

Technology advancement is not always a good thing, especially where social interactions and marriage are involved. Things were made very easy by technology – but because of it, we end up distancing ourselves from our partners. Unless people free themselves from the chains of technology, the divorce rate will likely only grow.

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