Startling SEO Trends You Should Know That Started in 2019

SEO Trends

For the common computer or phone user, putting in a search term and getting a few pages of possibilities in replies is the expected norm these days. However, as the major search engine companies rework the algorithms and focus of the SEO terms, the campaigns must change to keep speed-related, and mobile-focused in their effort to rank. Here are some of the startling changes that begun in 2019.

Searching the Engines

Although one search engine has dominated the computer scene for almost 20 years, there is a growing unease about the dominance of that company in the SEO market. With the problems of possible search-term censorship and government funding, consumers are becoming wary of the long-time popular engine. Two other popular companies are beginning to cut into the dominance of the first and with that comes change, and that means brands must learn to use multi-faceted SEO applications.

Using AI Structured Data

As the world’s supreme search engine becomes more dependent upon AI, structured data will become key to optimal searches. Findability is more than schema and searches behaviors, and that is why many companies are turning to an SEO agency to help them discover the active and passive signals that can hinder their ability to have a supportive structure. Understanding topical content and the possibility of a screenless future is also important.

Knowing Your Audience

It may surprise you but knowing what a focus age-group wanted five years ago does not mean the next group of same-age focused individuals will want, like, or need the same thing. As technology changes, the tastes, interests, preferences, and dislikes can change within weeks of a new expansion, game, or product update. That means the more focused your audience search is, the more defined the focus group will become, and the further down the funnel you may find yourself if the search terms are off even a few points.

Content Is the Key

SEO is all about content strategy, and that means it has to be about more than a simple query or getting people to your page. Engaging users and encouraging them to take action on your site is where SEO can benefit. According to Ducktoes SEO company directors, too few pages are using content maps, building a reputation, or making sales using SEO links. If your company can be the solution to a specific problem, allow people to use the SEO to their benefit, and stop using SEO to drive rankings, your company will win every time.

Invest in Expertise

The past five years have shown the exponential growth of complexity in website construction. This intricacy has led to more use of JavaScript, speed, and progressive web apps. As more websites become driven by JavaScript and scripts such as React, Angular, or Vue.js, it is important to know how the search engines will interact with the code. The same applies to the PWAs and how you can get them into your user’s homes. Speed is now rewarded by the main search engine companies, so more sites will need to pare down the bells and whistles and focus on function and user retention.

Demonstrate Trustworthiness

The most frequently used search engines at the moment have established a rating guideline called EAT. This algorithm supports quality by focusing on ‘expertise,’ ‘authority,’ and ‘trustworthiness.’ That means that reputation is key in the promotion and distribution of content under that AI’s algorithm. Unfortunately, that means larger existing companies will have more leverage in promoting existing brands than newer companies who will have to use expert SEO companies to establish, promote, and distribute content that can be trusted and perhaps backed by known entities.

As with all changes, the industry is sure to feel some growing pains. Find an SEO strategy company to help you stay in the game. Don’t be left behind.

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