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2020 is all about embracing the remote work culture, while a lot of businesses have seen pitfalls one thing remains, and their horrors echoes in our minds.

Can you guess that one thing? It’s the overhead costs that businesses are bound to bear and that alone has brought the downfall of a lot of businesses. There are businesses that simply cannot exist without these overheads. One such overhead is real estate costs.

For example, it isn’t feasible for someone who wants to open a Gym to purchase the real estate for that provided he is just starting out and cannot afford the real estate rates in central locations.

Such businesses have succumbed to break-down amidst the Pandemic induced lockdown.

But there is the other side, a lot of remote business models have emerged and a lot of existing business models have embraced the remote culture and the results are simply amazing!

1. Answering Services

Answering Services for Small business is an amazing small business idea that doesn’t require heavy investment and can be set up remotely. Answering Services are rendered by lots of businesses these days. It overall increases the productivity of a business in the sense that the business can focus its energies on work that matters and puts the food on the table and not answering a prank call or answering the call of someone who is asking basic questions about products or services.

I mean imagine an e-commerce business answering a call every 3 minutes where the customer is confirming his delivery despite receiving confirmation email and text message.

This business can be set up remotely by building a network of partners who will work dedicatedly, has exceptional communication skills and verbal comprehension.

2. Digital Marketing Agency

The Pandemic has forced a lot of agencies to embrace remote working; even before the pandemic, there were some agencies that were working remotely. They would remote hire all the team players to be it digital marketers or business development executives, designers, or developers.

It works as long as you hire the correct team that is driven. Thanks to communication and collaboration tools like Slack, Zoom, Asana these tools make remote working for a digital agency less painful. Just imagine the costs you will save on inevitable overheads like real estate, internet connection, and commute.

3. E-Commerce Business

E-Commerce Business from A~Z can be set up from home there is absolutely no reason why you should burn money on real estate, warehouse, and all.

There already are emerging e-commerce businesses that have made this a reality in 2020. You can effectively set up the processes like who will be responsible for running ads, maintaining the store, looking after logistic flow, customer support, stock purchase.

Every team player can work from home and the team leader’s job is to ensure that things are right on track by leveraging effective communication and collaboration tools. Tasks like delivery can be outsourced easily.

4. Home Bakery

Home Bakery is another one of several amazing remote small business ideas for homemaker women or even men who are skilled at preparing delicious lip-smacking treats.

In the age of food delivery partners like Zomato and Uber Eats this business model becomes more successful and scalable.

There are digital marketing tools like Google My Business and Social Media that would help a great deal with igniting local presence and generating customers which is obviously the key to doing business.

Work your magic in the kitchen, prepare those scrumptious treats for the customers, and let the food delivery partner help you with delivery. You only need to step out of your house to purchase raw material that too you can buy online. This is hardly a 2 person job.

5. Home Tutoring

If you are good at something never do it for free. You must be wondering why I am referencing Joker. That’s because that quote is foundational to the business model that I am talking about.

These days there is a lot of awareness and acceptance towards good education and parents are realizing that it doesn’t necessarily come from schools that’s why they are willing to invest it elsewhere.

If you are good at some skill then capitalize on that. There are platforms where you can join as a teacher and take your teachings to the children who need it the most. Platforms like Tutor, UTeach, TutorHub, and many more.

Now, this is definitely a one-person job and your only investment would be either the share of profits that you are gonna have to part with the platform or upfront charges that you may have to pay. Rest depends upon your skill-sets and how successful you are generating more and more referrals.

6. Content Writing

You must be thinking of the age of Videos and Podcasting why am I suggesting you start a content writing business.

That’s because content writing is an evergreen business model that will never go out of fashion.

Written content will always be required. And there is an endless number of places where it is required, be it web content writing, article writing, sales scripts, whitepapers it branches out to so much more.

This business can easily be started from home and based on the skill-set level you can charge enormous amounts of money for every word that you write.

There are elite writers who charge a dollar or two for every word that they write; just imagine how much you will earn if you do this at scale.

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