Definitive SEO Trends for 2019 To Keep An Eye Out For

Search Engine Optimization shall never cease to hold importance in a world where branding is all that matters. Having the best products and services in a particular niche is not enough. You also need to think of efficient ways of putting what you have to offer out in the world. One of the best ways, or perhaps the only way of doing that standing in 2019 would be to have a website that can reach a broad audience and do the talking for you. Gone are the days when you could hope the ‘word-of-mouth’ strategy to do the work of promotion for your business. It does not sell anymore. Therefore, what you need are smarter ways to scale up your business. SEO is one such smart way whose measures help a website rank higher on the SERPs and gain all the visibility it requires to thrive in the tough competitive world. SEO is an institution in itself, one that has been growing and expanding in leaps and bounds. It comes up with ways in which your website can match up to the standards of Google’s ranking metrics. There are several agencies that offer their expert services of PBN links, PR Links, etc., which enable your website to enjoy greater visibility. It might do you well to seek their services.


All of these talks about SEO should be enough to pique your interest about the same if you have not already heard of it. Therefore, without any further delay, and before we digress from the topics at hand, let us delve into learning about a few SEO trends that shall rule this quarter of 2019.

Looking Into the Search Intent:

SEO strategies keep changing to keep up with the ever-evolving metrics of Google. Therefore, it would be fatuous if you stick to age-old SEO techniques. What worked in 2015 shall no longer work in 2019. Therefore, you must get yourself up to speed, which brings us to the most critical point of ‘search intent’. You have to perform keyword research and create content based on the search intent of users. Google shall no longer rank your site only because you have the required keywords put together dominating that particular niche. You have to understand the psychology behind a user’s search and only then proceed. Thus, 2019 is the time when SEO experts would much rather concentrate on what the intention behind a particular search is than just target long-tail keywords dominating that niche. Whether a user’s search is navigational, informational, or transactional is what shall be taken into consideration during the keyword research phase.

Checking Google’s Mobile-First Indexing Metric:

Much of the browsing and searching these days happen over mobile phones. It is convenient for users to check for something immediately on their cellular phones than wait for a computer to perform the search. Keeping this in mind, Google too, upgraded its ranking metrics. Google now ranks websites that are optimized for mobiles, higher than the ones which are not optimized for mobiles. The number of mobile users will increase steadily over the next few years. Therefore, SEO experts shall take this metric seriously and optimize websites so that they can be browsed on mobile phones.


However, this should in no way be suggestive of the fact that Google will not have its crawlers crawl onto the desktop version. It only means that it shall rank pages higher with an up and running mobile-optimized website.

Social Media and SEO Shall Work Hand in Hand:

Social media is not leaving us anytime soon. Think of how much you could gain if your business website is not just indexed on search engines, but also on social media platforms. It is a trend that you must definitely keep an eye out for. There are high chances of social media being used as a means of performing searches since it is known to keep a weather-eye on its users. It understands user psychology tremendously well, and thus, has a brilliant knowledge of the user search intent. We have already spoken about how search intent is going to play an essential role in determining results and thus, the ranking of a website. Therefore, what remains to be seen now is how well search engines and social media integrate their functions and enhance user experience.

Multimedia Optimization Shall Be The Next Big Thing:

SEO has given content a pivotal position in determining the rank of a website on the SERPs. However, it is time that experts factored in the role multimedia have to play in the said ranking.  Video optimization and image optimization shall become the next big thing that SEO experts shall be looking at. Images, videos, and other kinds of multimedia enhance user experience. Users always love it when content is supported by visuals. It makes for a great read and a brilliant way of gaining information. Nothing creates a lasting impression on the brain like graphics, which is quite evident from the rise of infographics. Therefore, SEO experts might up their game and look for better ways of optimizing multimedia to enable better ranking.



The evolution of SEO techniques can never come to a halt. It shall continue growing for as long as it stays (the idea of which is like a bottomless pit). Thus, what experts must do is research and come up with ways in which they can help websites to meet these evolving needs of Google, and other search engines. The aforementioned trends shall last at least till the end of the year and the beginning of the new year, after which we shall have to discuss newer trends.

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