Playtech Still Leads The Way in iGaming Branding

Playtech iGaming Branding

You may be wondering who Playtech is? Why is Playtech such a prominent name in the online gambling community? There is an excellent reason that they are and remain such a renowned name.

When gambling online from Portugal, you can enjoy games with characters and storylines from your favourite movies, series or comics. This is part of igaming branding. This is why Playtech is such a leader in the gaming industry.

Playtech is one of the pioneers when it comes to branding their gambling software. The website,, has safe casinos that include branded games. There are also great articles from Martim Nabeiro, an expert on the topic.

Playtech’s History?

Playtech first opened its doors in 1999. The company’s goals at the time were to make online gambling available to everyone. The team at Playtech gaming worked tirelessly to achieve their goal. Finally, in 2006 they gained world recognition when they appeared at the London AIM.

According to the expert Martim Nabeiro (view his profile), where this company surpassed, other games providers were in their branding. The company achieved early success with branded games such as Marvel slots. They used these famous comic book characters to appeal to their fanbases. This strategy worked and soon raised the company to great heights.

They also brought out other branded games based on popular characters such as X-Men, the Incredible Hulk and Ironman. These games allowed Playtech to further appeal to comic book fans.

Since then, they have continued to appeal to their audience with powerful branded gambler software. They understand that although a game can be branded with any pop-culture element, those that do better appeal to modern gamers.

Playtech gaming is by no means the only software developer to brand games. And they certainly aren’t the only company to arrange deals with movie studios. However, their team is dedicated to making sure they provide quality and entertaining games to their players. With this in mind, they can understand what types of games or characters players would enjoy most.

What Is Playtech Doing Now?

After Disney bought Marvel in 2009, they did not renew the contract with Playtech in 2016. This did not sway the company in any way. They already had other branded games in the pipeline and would continue growing through those games.

Playtech moved on to sign a new contract with DC Comics. They then started producing games on all parts of the DC universe, including games with the Justice League and Wonder Woman.

Playtech’s success did not only come from branding games with already existing characters. They were also able to create original games which rose in popularity to become some of the most popular online casino games. Two of their original games known as some of the most extensive online gambling games are the Age of the Gods and Kingdoms Rise.

Playtech understands the importance of entertainment when they create and brand their games. They know that you will keep the players coming back by having a storyline and characters to follow. With Playtech gaming, you can be sure to get a well-developed game that will keep you amused and coming back for more.

Playtech’s future continues to look bright as they lead the way to future gambler software.


The phrase “Playtech technology at play” is certainly an apt way to describe the company. When it comes to the next generation of technology and content related to online gambling, they remain leaders.

Playtech understands what the players want. They are also able to provide gambling software to ensure the players’ entertainment needs are met. Why not try a Playtech game today and see the difference that comes with being the leader in one’s field?

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