5 Online Marketing Trends That Will Takeover 2019

Online Marketing Trends

It’s time to bid farewell to 2018 and welcome the New Year with open arms. But keep in mind, you can’t expect the New Year to change you if you are not changing yourself. The same holds for the business landscape, especially online marketing. Speaking of which, below we will discuss the emerging trends that will take off in the upcoming year.

Voice Interaction

Almost every big tech brand has introduced its assistant; Apple had Siri for years, Samsung Introduced Bixby, Google revealed Google Now, Microsoft has Cortana and Amazon developed Alexa. We have no reasons to believe the trend will stop here.

Companies like Huawei, LG, and almost everyone else will release their incarnation of a virtual assistant. Voice search is on its way, and we will see some major developers in the upcoming year.

The AI Trend

Don’t worry, the robots won’t take over us in 2019, not unless someone shows it in a movie. The thing is, AI offers things humans can’t comply with, and it’s currently a hot topic in the marketing sector.

Yes, we are still discovering the limits and potential of Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, we are in dire need of Government bodies developing a consensus on what companies should mess around with when it comes to AI.

However, there is no denying that AI can prove itself of great help. We will not see a Skynet sort of thing in 2019, but there will be some major improvements. For instance, AI in Chatbot will see significant improvements. This will help brands improve their customer service while keeping the costs down.

AR and VR

It’s apparent that one really was not good enough so, we created several more. AR and VR are just the tips of this iceberg. The modern user is looking for engagement and active participation in a brand’s messaging.

This is where both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality comes in. They present a great business opportunity as they improve customer experience. They can help you to create brand awareness, and let customers try out products before they even buy them. We will definitely see both VR and AR used in marketing campaigns in 2019.

Biddable Media

You need to know that dominating one single platform won’t work. In layman’s terms, Biddable Media is something that is bought with real-time bidding through a platform provided by a seller where every advertiser bid against each other for impression, whoever wins this bid gets the ad.

Google is credited to be the inventor of Biddable Media with Paid Search text ads along with contextual ads in display networks.

With time, new platforms came into being, and we expect these platforms will continue to play a central role in reshaping online marketing in the upcoming year.

Video Marketing and Live Stream

Just like Yesteryears, Video marketing including live streaming will gain more prominence in the marketing market space. Video marketing offers the best of both worlds and companies need that to sell their product. The metrics of digital media to offer useful data and how their efforts improve results will increase this year.

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